Saturday, September 29, 2012

Apple Crafts and MORE!

I LOVE fall and I LOVE apples!!  We seriously go through at least 20 apples a week!  These little Moffatt Girls can't eat enough fruit, especially when it come to apples.   Of course we have to make homemade applesauce.  It is the EASIEST thing to make!!
                                 You can see my recipe for it {HERE}.

Fall means it is time to enjoy apples AND all the great apple crafts!  Here are just a few of our fun crafts this week.  These are SO easy to easy!!

Tissue Paper Apple Tree
We started off by painting the brown tree trunk.  
Next, the girls crunched up little balls of green tissue paper and added some red apples.
We even added our hole for some little creature:)
This activity kept both the girls busy and Sophia (my 3 year old) said, "Mommy, I love school!"
That just melted my heart!

Apple Prints
These super easy apple prints can be made by cutting an apple in half and smearing it in paint.  One of my pinterest finds was to make handles out of the apple...GENIUS!  The girls really loved this craft too!

Audrey age 5
Sophia age 3
I must say that Sophia totally enjoyed herself!  She probably would have gone a bit crazy with the paint if I turned around for even a minute!  She did a great job and she was totally into it!
How cute are these?  This is also a pinterest inspired craft.  This was a super easy craft to make!
1)Start by tracing your apples (red, green or yellow) onto a piece of construction paper.  I used a one piece for the top and one piece for the bottom.
2)Tear a piece of white paper on each side for he core.  Glue the core to the back sides of the apple pieces.
3) Use black construction paper for the seeds, brown for the stem and green for the leaf.  Glue into place.  
4) I just typed out some labels and we glued them in the appropriate places.   Of course I did Sophia's, but she did actually cut out all the apple pieces!

We have been learning a lot about Johnny Appleseed!  We did this ADORABLE Johnny Appleseed craft from A Cupcake for the Teacher.

We watched the Disney version of Johnny Appleseed a few times:)  The girls walk around the house singing the song.  Too cute!

Happy Fall!


Tina said...

Annie, these are all gorgeous! I really love the apple printing... so cute! Thanks for sharing your applesauce recipe!! It may be Spring here, but there are plenty of apples around and I would love to make your sauce! Happy weekend to you ~ x

Traci said...

Your applesauce pic is making me hungry!

The handle idea IS genius.

Of course that adorable daughter of yours loves school.... I want to go to your school, too! You have WAY too much fun over there at the Moffatt house. :D

Annie Moffatt said...

Thank so much Tina!! are the best! Thanks for your sweet comment! Always:)

Michelle Griffo said...

Omg you are right! We are apple Twinsies!!!!!! :)

Mrs. Cupcake said...

Aww looks like your girls had a BLAST!! I just pinned your applesauce recipe, I have tons of apples from apple picking last week! {Thank you for the shout-out!}
A Cupcake for the Teacher

Allison said...

I love the tissue papper apple tree craft - so cute!

Maria Manore said...

Great minds think alike! My kinders made applesauce today at school and our "poem" this week was the song from the Johnny Appleseed movie. My kids have loved singing it (also perfect since I teach at a Catholic school). And don't even get me started on that clever trick for apple handles...


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