Monday, August 6, 2012

Back to School Virtual Teaching Expo!

Back to school is nearly here!  I am SO excited to be a part of the Back to School Teaching Expo coming August 25th!

What is the Back to School Event?
The Back to School Virtual Teaching Expo is an online professional training event where professional teachers share and demonstrate with other professional teachers techniques and strategies that have been successful in their own teaching career.  We come together as professional educators to encourage one another, improve our teaching styles and be the BEST educators we can be!

What are the presentations about?
* Cara Whitehead from Teaching My Calling will be sharing about Technology Tools for Teachers.
*Melanie Ralbusky from Schoolgirl Style will be sharing on Classroom Decorating 101!
*Eric and Brian from Wise Guys will be sharing on Classroom Environment and Back to School Procedures.
*Yvonne Crawford from MixMinder will be presenting how to Create a Fun Math Environment with Math Journals.
*Annie Moffatt from The Moffatt Girls (eek...that's me!) will be sharing on Reading Success.

How much does it Cost?
There is an amazing campaign going on right now to support and send as many teachers to the Expo as possible!  The tickets are normally $19.95.  However, if you contribute just $10 to the Back to School Virtual Teaching Expo then you will get a FREE ticket AND you will send 2 more educators to the event!!

 So basically, 3 people will attend the Expo for just $10!

Check out the campaign video!
Click the picture to learn more!

I am excited to learn so many new things to make this year the BEST teaching year yet!  Although I no longer have a classroom of 36 students (YIKES!) I know that I want to be the BEST teacher I can be for my girls!  I am super excited to see how we can implement Melanie's amazing decorating style into our homeschool room!  What great things will I learn from Yvonne of how we can implement math journals?  And I know that Cara will offer some great tips on free technology!  Those Wise Guys are sure to help with Classroom Environment!  And I am super excited to share tips, strategies and resources that make the reading journey both FUN and successful!

The best part about the event:
*You attend the event from your P.J's if you want:)
*As teachers, you can also earn Professional Development hours (per school approval)!
*No travel and you can watch the presentations that you want to watch at your convenience!  

I hope you can join me!  For more information, go {HERE}.


Leslie @KindergartenWorks said...

I can't wait to "see" you in person!
- Leslie

Joanna said...

Congratulations! Sounds like an amazing event!

Annie Moffatt said...

Thanks Joanna! I am SO excited:)

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