Saturday, July 14, 2012

Toddler Tasks Week 9

It has been a while since we posted a Toddler Task, so I decided to get on the ball again.  It's not that we don't do them daily, I just forget to grab the camera and catch them in action.  

Why do I do these Toddler Tasks?  I think it is important that young children build simple routines, attention spans and confidence, all while learning and exploring.  These little tasks help to focus on many skills that are helpful in getting children ready for school, not to mention that Sophia LOVES them:)

The girl love to paint!  I can give her a set of paints and a sheet of paper and she will occupy herself for hours.  She learns so much while painting.  She learns how colors are mixed.  She learns about blending and shading.  She is so focused when it comes to painting!

Fine Motor Skills and Color Discrimination 
We worked on our Build-a-Books color sheets this time.  She had to color 4 things that are red and identify the one object that was not red.  In this case, a banana is NOT red.  This task is so good for her because it also involves coloring (fine motor skills), cutting (fine motor skills), and pasting (more fine motor skills).   She also likes to trace the word {red} on her page...this puts those fine motor skills to use:)

Fine Motor Skills
Sophia LOVES sticking stickers on things.  Usually she sticks them all over me.  In fact, I have walked out of the house with stickers all over my bum area:(  Well, I try to keep that sticker obsession is check by allowing her to put stickers on a reward sheet that I picked up at The Dollar Store.  This is also great for fine motor skills as she attempts to peal off the stickers and place them inside the boxes.  

Totally concentration!

More Fine Motor Skills
This little cutting task came from a Kumon cutting book.  I think I picked it up online at Amazon or at Target.  She has to cut and paste the triangle onto the strawberry.

We recently did a review for our Pop and Win game from Lakeshore and I LOVE this game.  This has really helped with learning and reinforcing beginning sounds.  Playing games also helps children to wait their turn and pay attention to task at hand.  There are many educational benefits to playing games.

 One-to-One Correspondence
Letter Identification
We are also working on with our CVC Build-a-Word mats.  This printable actually allows you to build words by matching what you see, which is great for reinforcing one-to-one correspondence.  It also helps children to see how words are formed, one sound at a time.  When this task is mastered, I will use the 2nd phase of this printable, which will allow her to build the CVC word by just looking at a picture.  

Friendship Skills
Sophia LOVES our dog Lilly!  She is an old dog and she goes with the flow...obviously:)  

If you missed the last 8 posts on our Toddler Tasks, be sure to check out the side bar and look for Toddler Tasks:)

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Andi said...

Your girls are too cute and Lilly looks just like my parent's dog (sans the fancy jewelry!) I wish my students came to me as prepared as your children will be. Thanks for sharing.

Annie Moffatt said...

Aww...thanks for your comment Andi!!

Traci said...

Ahhhhhh! Those CHEEKS! So adorable.
I really like those build a word mats.

Annie Moffatt said...

Thanks for your comment Traci:) I know...I want to squeeze and kiss those cheeks all day long!

landoflearning said...

I love your toddler tasks! I've been wanting to do them throughout the summer but so far we've only had 1 normal week since the beginning of June. Yikes! Think they will just start happening as they happen. We've done some things as we can though so I can't complain. At this exact second my daughter is loving stamping markers and a whole pad of paper. A happy toddler makes a happy momma! Thanks for all your great ideas and amazing products!

Rachel @ The Philosophers Wife said...

I love these! I am now going to browse through your blog!

If you're interested, I'd LOVE to have you share at my Teaching Time for Toddlers linky!

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