Friday, July 6, 2012

Fun with Oobleck!

Beat the summer boredom with Oobleck!  There is so much educational FUN and learning that takes place when kids play and explore.  

Have you tried Oobleck?  Oh my...this is SO much FUN! 

I made some Oobleck for the girls and they had a great time exploring and trying to figure this substance out!   Is it a liquid?  Is is a solid?

I started by asking the girls a few questions:
What does it smell like? Bananas. doesn't actually smell like anything, but their response was cute.
What do you think it feels like? Mashed bananas.  I think their responses are coming from the fact that we made banana bread the other day:)
What do you think will happen when you touch it? I don't know.

This is a great way for kids to start thinking about Science and the Scientific Method.

Oobleck is a simple recipe made of:
* 1 part water to 1.5-2 parts cornstarch.

 It acts like a liquid and it acts like a solid.  When you slowly pour it, it flows like a liquid.  When you squeeze it or punch the Oobleck, it will feel like a solid.  It crumbles in your hands when you rub them together and is actually a fluid called a dilatant.

What I really like about Oobleck is that it is easy to clean up!

Keep it super fun AND educational this summer!
**Warning: This is not good for your drains!  Don't put it down the drain!


Busy Bees said...

I do this with my kinders and they love it. You are right, the discussions are endless! You are such a great mom~

Annie Moffatt said...

Aww...thanks Robyn!! These days are so much fun!

Mrs. Lindsey said...

This looks like so much fun! Much easier than the one I tried. I did something with elmer's glue, oh my it was everywhere!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Annie Moffatt said... used glue! are much braver than me:)

Stephanie said...

Another teacher and I did a week of oobleck activities with our first graders this past year - the part that was the most fun was putting the oobleck on top of a large speaker that we borrowed (we put down plastic wrap first!) and then set the sound to a loud, low frequency, and gradually increase it... the oobleck dances!! The kids loved it!

Maestra Bilingue

Annie Moffatt said...

That sounds super fun Stephanie!

Kindergarten Goonies said...

Congrats Annie! The Goonie Gals have nominated your blog for the Versatile Blogger award.

Stop by, read our post and grab the award!!!

We utilize your Ready2Read units and can't get over how much our kiddos enjoy them. One of the Goonie Gals is a die hard Little House on the Prairie fan-so Laura Ingalls comes to mind when we think of you! This is a true complement and I quote: "A mother is always a cook, a dressmaker, a disciplinarian, a nurse and above all a teacher."-Caroline speaking to Laura
The Kindergarten Goonies XOXO

Tina said...

Ooh that looks like such messy fun, Annie! I just love your little blossoms' facial expressions, so cute!! I might be brave enough to give this a go! Thanks for sharing:) Hope you have a lovely week ~ xx
Good Morning Mrs Rubie

School Sparks Renee said...

Annie - my grandsons love oobleck, too! Thanks so much for writing such a great guest post for School Sparks! Renee

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