Saturday, June 9, 2012

Our Earthbox Garden!

Gardening is such a fun experience for kids!  There are so many different life skills that children can learn while planting a garden, watching it grow and then harvesting it!  As a child, I remember planting a garden with my Dad and it brings such fond memories.  I even remember planting our strawberry patch, which was my favorite!

However, I have a small problem.  I DON'T have a green thumb.  I am not sure what happened exactly, but the gardening gene didn't get passed down to me.   In the past, I would try to grow something simple like basil and it always died.  People would say, "Basil is easy to grow.  Just water it,  Annie!"   I do.   I don't know if I over-water it or under-water it.  Plants and I just don't get along, until the Earthbox!

First, let me introduce my gardening helpers.  Don't they look cute?  I have to admit, they totally abandoned me when it came time to planting.  I think it had something to do with the dirt.

 Earthbox #1 We have two tomato plants, cherry and heirloom.    I still need to put a tomato cage around tomato plants.

Earthbox #2 We have bell peppers, chives and cucumbers.  

The Earthbox is so wonderful because you can't over-water plants and you can't under-water plants.  Do you see the white tube in the corner of the box?  All you need to do is stick a hose in the tube and fill up the reservoir.  When the reservoir is filled, the extra water spills out of the bottom, which lets you know that the reservoir is full.    

Honestly, its foolproof!  The Earthbox comes with a package that contains plant food and Dolomite, which helps keep the plants healthy and happy.  The cover is placed over the top of the box, which acts like a greenhouse and allows the plants to grow bigger and faster.  I also love that the Earthbox is on wheels and can be moved around easily, which also prevents snails and slugs from climbing up the box.

If you are a little timid about gardening, I would highly recommend the Earthbox!


Jackie said...

What a cool idea. I just got a raised bed planter, so we will see if that is easy or not. We have a huge patch of raspberries, but our strawberries are not so good, so you have give me an idea. I bet those "helpers" of yours are right there ready to work at harvest time. That is after all the best part of gardening.

Sharon Dudley said...

Wow! I am totally like you. I always want to plant things for my classes, but I'm not very good at it. The Earthbox sounds perfect. Where did you get it?

I have many freebies and hands-on ideas on my blog. If you have a moment, come check it out! :)

Sharon Dudley, NBCT

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Sharon,
I found that the best price in on amazon. I have also seen them at some gardening centers, but they are a bit more expensive.

Tina said...

Oh wow Annie! These earthboxes look fantastic! I love gardening, it just doesn't like me...maybe these are my answer to a little more vegie garden success! I can't wait to see more of yours as they grow:) Just love the pic of your sweeties and can picture their faces when it is time to pick their delicious home grown food! thanks for sharing. Hugs to you ~ x

Jessica Manzione said...

Has anyone tried raspberries in an earthgro box?

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