Wednesday, June 20, 2012

NEW: ABC Cut and Paste!

I am so excited to be releasing a new product called ABC Cut and Paste!  It addresses so many useful skills and allows children to really interact with a product and take ownership of their learning.  But the best part about this product is that Sophia LOVES it!  The girl loves the alphabet and she likes to cut so this printable really meets those needs:)

Updated on 8/10/13

Here is what the printable looks like in action...

Begin by coloring in each bubble letter for letter and sound recognition.  Next, trace each letter to help with correct letter formation.

 Cut out the squares with the various fonts.  The different fonts provide opportunities for students to recognize letters in different context and helps with letter discrimination.  The cutting is also great for fine motor skills. 

Each sheet will work with 4 letters and the set includes both upper and lowercase.

Finally, students can paste each letter into the correct corresponding boxes.  This activity can be extended by prompting children to name the sound of each letter as they paste them into the boxes, rather than just saying the name of each letter. 

My almost 5 year old also took total ownership of this printable, which is perfect for her since she needs a little extra handwriting practice.

Here are the Common Core Standards addressed in this product:

RF.K.1 Demonstrate understanding of the organization and basic features of print.
Recognize and name all upper and lowercase letters of the alphabet.
RF.K.3 Demonstrate basic knowledge of letter-sound correspondences by producing the primary or most frequent sound of each consonant.  
L.K.1 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking.
-Print may be upper and lowercase letters.

This packet is available on Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers below! 


Freckleteacher said...

These look really great Annie! I like that there are 4 letters per page too! Great job! I don't often use Teacher's Notebook because I find TpT to be much easier...but for your great products, I will venture over to TN!

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Cindy! Thank you for your sweet words! We do have this product available in both our Teacher Notebook Shop and Tpt:)

We Teach Like A Rockstar said...

I love it. What a great way to fit some more cutting in a kindergarten day! Thanks for sharing!!! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

Reagan Tunstall said...

What a cutie! and I love the cut and paste too! wonderful!

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

First Grade Blue SKies

Crayons and Curls said...

Love this! This would be so great for my beginning of the year! :)
Crayons and Curls

KTeacher said...

These look great! Any chance you have them in D'nealian?

Annie Moffatt said...

KTeacher...I will look into that:) I am sure that I have that font.

Tawnya said...

Annie thank you so much for these!! Exactly what I was looking for!!

t. ulch said...

My goodness! Your little girl is just precious!

Annie Moffatt said... always leave such sweet comments! Thank you!!

T. ulch...awww..thanks:)

KLane said...

Can you purchase these in DeNealian?

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi KLane! I don't have them available, but you are the 2nd person to ask. Let me see what I can do:)

Ms. Lindsey said...

I love it!

Lovin’ Kindergarten

Jenna said...

Just found your site! Just nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Stop by my blog to pick it up.

Just diving In

Sara said...

I love, love, love these! I've done something similar to this with my Kinder Kids! But I didn't do the writing practice part. That is BRILIANT! Again, I love it!

D. Frideley said...

I just found this through a linky party and I love it. I can't utilize it in my classroom, but I have a 3-yr old and she has letter recognition down, but we need to work on cutting and writing!!! I am not sure I'm ready for her to use scissors just yet. Maybe the straight line and I'll cut the rest;)

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