Friday, June 15, 2012

BIG Bubbles!

We had so much fun today!  Kids LOVE bubbles and we made some AWESOME bubbles!!  I pulled out one of my kids activity books and this was one of the fun activities that we found!  What a great way to enjoy the summer!

The bubbles just kept getting BIGGER and BIGGER!
and bigger...
and bigger...
until they floated away!
We enjoyed watching our bubbles float away!

What do you need to make these BIG bubbles?
*water bottle
*rubber band
*liquid dishwashing soap and water

Begin by cutting off the end of the water bottle and cutting off the end if a clean sock.  Turn the sock inside out and attach to the cut end of the water bottle with a rubber band.  Dip into a 3 to 1 part water and soap mixture.  Have FUN!

Where is the little honey? (Sophia)
She tried blowing the bubbles OUT, but ended up sucking in the bubbles.  Poor thing:(  Needless to say, she was content to just watch:)


S. Simpson said...

Those bubble came out awesome. Thanks for taking such great pictures and for sharing the steps to make them.

Simpson Superstars

Busy Bees said...

Those bubbles worked great...looks like your girls had a great time! Putting this recipe on my summer to do list!

Jackie said... that is a bubble. I have seen this before around the blog world, but yours is by far the largest I have seen. I will definitely be doing this with my sweeties this summer. Great activity for when they are "bored".

Reagan Tunstall said...

How fun! Your backyard is gorgeous too!

Kim said...

I agree with Reagan... Beautiful backyard!
And I love the look of concentration on your daughter's face.
Happy Summer, Annie!

Finding JOY in 6th Grade

Brandy said...

I love to see bare feet children in the summer! So free! At least that's how I feel when I take my shoes off.

We did this a few years ago when my middle child was only 2. He sucked in the bubbles, too. We should do it again now that all 3 of mine are old enough to not suck it in.

Kristin said...

So fun!! Poor Sophia--that would have been me. I can totally relate. :)

Traci said...

I have no littles around to blow bubbles with...wonder if the hubs will do it with me. :D Looks like so much fun!

Tina said...

That looks like so much fun and what a long bunch of bubbles!! Thanks for the great tutorial...will save this one up for when Summer rolls around! Happy week ahead to you, Annie ~ xx

Mrs. McKown said...

She blew some amazing bubbles! Thanks for sharing this idea! This is a must do in our home when our summer starts! One more week!!

❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

Mrs. C said...

This looks so amazing. Have you considered joining the Playful Learning Book Study? When I read that book I think of you!

Annie Moffatt said...

Thank you Mrs. C!! I may consider doing that:)

Alma Almazan said...

Love the bubbles!

Katie said...

I just saw your post on TBA and had to come check these out. It looks like so much fun!! I'm definitely going to try this out with my son. I think he would find it hilarious!! [He's only 19months so he won't be involving in the making of the bubbles haha]

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