Friday, May 11, 2012

Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 10

We just finished the last unit in Level 2!  I am so excited about Audrey's progress since we started the Ready2Read program!  She is my little reader and she LOVES to read!  Her fluency is outstanding and she reads with complete ease.  This has allowed us to focus more on her comprehension and this has been such a wonderful journey!

I simply can't wait unit we launch Level 3!

If you are new to our Ready2Read Program, you can see the information page for Level 1 {HERE}.  Level 1 prepares a child for Level 2.  You can also check out the information page for Level 2 {HERE}.

Level 2 Theme: Word Family Fair
Unit 10 Sight Words: must, soon, all, out, too, well
Word Families: -ump and -ace

Color by Number Sight Words
For our final week, we had a total of 6 new sight words.  I like introducing the lessons with the Color by Number Sight Words since they provide a real hands-on interaction with the words.

Sight Word Song
Audrey did sing her sight words to the tune of BINGO again this week.  However, I found it very helpful and fun to switch things up a bit.  This week Audrey used her sight words to make partial sentences with the sight words and she filled in the rest by writing them on the whiteboard.

This is a funny one...The sentence says, " I am all out of Rice."  Hey, it works:)

Sight Word Circles
Audrey traced, colored, and cut out her sight word balloons.  I love our sight word balloon collection because they have been a great way for Audrey to refer back to the words when she needed to spell them.

Look at all of those balloons!  I am amazed at how many sight words have been mastered in 10 units!!

Sight Word Decorating
Audrey had another great week of eating decorating her sight words:)  This is such a fun way to learn sight words!  Remember, there are 6 words to practice with this week!

Color by Sight Word
Another FUN way to practice and reinforce sight words!

Color by Word Family
Color by Word Family page...

Roll a Word Family
She really LOVE this one!

Read it, Trace it, Paste it pages...
Although you don't have to paint these, it is a great way to match up the words with the boxes and helps with one-to-one correspondence.

Break the Sight Word Code...
Uncovering sight word sentences really helps kids feel like little detectives.  Audrey always likes to guess what the sentence will say.

Mini-Mini Books
These little books are a great way for kids to feel successful in the reading journey.  They walk away from each unit reading more and more!
(When Audrey saw this sheet, she wanted nothing to do with the green guy who feels sick.  She didn't like the way it looked so she didn't put it in her mini book:)

She was so happy that she was strong enough to staple her little books:)

Word Family Sort
Our Word Family Sorts are always a big hit, but this week was REALLY FUN for Audrey!  I think it was these cute little dogs, their houses, bowls and dog bones:)  She loved sorting and reading all of the pieces as she discovered which dog would get the most bones:)

Play Dough Mats
Audrey used the cute carmel apples to help her write down the word families.  Then she went on to make her words with the play dough mats...

Word Slides
I really like the word slide because they are interactive, the help with fluency and Audrey also uses them to practice writing down her new words.  She had a little trouble with writing the words on the line so I modeled them for her and then she did a GREAT job writing her words!
-ace family

-ump family

Roll-A-Word Family
(Picture not shown)

Sight Word Graphing
Always a fun and colorful way to practice sight words.  I love how the sight word graphing also allows Audrey to incorporate a little math into her reading:)  For this unit, you will find two sheets of Sight Word Graphing.

(Our Sight Word Graphing can be purchased in all levels on our Teachers Notebook Shop)

Tic-Tac-Toe Word Families (-ose and -ight)
I LOVE these pictures because it shows me how much fun Audrey has when she is learning with our Ready2Read program!  Well maybe it is also the fact that she is beating me AGAIN:)  I do like this game because it really helps her spell the words correctly!

We played a few times which is a great way to practice!

Blends and Digraphs Sheet
This is a great way to practice isolating the blend/digraphs and matching them with the corresponding pictures.

Lemonade Blends and Digraphs
We have added so many words to our lemonade cups!  This is such a key component to our program because it anchors the words and Audrey feel like she has ownership over her learning.

Word Family Fair Wall
What is the fair without carmel apples?  I think these are just too cute:)

Here is the grand finale for our Level 2 wall!  The amazing result of SO much fun learning!!  Yay!  I love to see this whole wall up and know that Audrey has complete ownership of everything she has learned:)

Word Family Graphing
**This is NOT in the unit, but our Word Family Graphing (Level 2) can be purchased separately to work in conjunction with Level 2 of the Ready2Read Curriculum.  You can purchase Level 2 of our Word Family Graphing {HERE}.

Click the buttons below to download Unit 10!


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School Sparks Renee said...

These ideas and activities are truly fantastic! Renee

Traci said...

Oh man, Annie.
You do such an incredible job. There is just so much wonderfulness going on here!
I love every single, yummy bit of it!
Dragonflies in First

simply_zu said...

So happy to see her progress.
Great job to both of you.

simply_zu said...

Hey Annie, haven't seen the toddler lately. How's she doin?

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Sharza,
Thanks for asking about the little Toddler:) I have a post coming but she has a need to always take off her clothes when she is doing "school". LOL I try to snap some shots while she has clothes on, but I don't get as many. She is my strong willed child:D

Ashley Cross said...

Hey Annie! Love this! I've been keeping an eye on these for a while, and I just purchased the first set. I'm hoping to use them with my students as centers at the beginning of the school year. I can't wait! I've always had a play dough word work center, but I didn't have them covering the words like this- I just had a list of words for them to make. I like this so much better! Can't wait to see them in action with my kiddos! Thanks for the great resources! :)
Teaching Happily Ever After

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Ashley!
Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I hope your kiddos enjoy the Ready2Read program:) Keep me updated!

Primary Junction said...

Annie, I love this program! I know I've talked about it for awhile, but I finally got around to giving this program a shout out on my blog. :-) Can't wait for Level 3!!

Primary Junction

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