Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Fun with Magnets!

Magnets are just FUN!  You give a kid a magnet and they will entertain themselves.  Well, I recently decided to stop pinning and actually implement one of my pins, with a twist.  We had SO much FUN!

The materials we used were pipe cleaners cut into small pieces, some brads and paper clips.  You can use anything that is magnetic.   I put them in a plastic container that I had and we used the large red magnet, which I picked up at Lakeshore.

I didn't really plan the "Patriotic" theme, it was just what I had on hand:)

The girls pulled the magnetic items up the side of the container and had a blast seeing how many things they can grab.  

Well...all of those little magnetic things found their way OUT of the nice and neat contained container.  Oh well...they had fun:)

I went to make some lunch for the girls as they continued to make a mess discover and learn great stuff with our magnets.  When they were done "playing" my two little sweeties complained about cleaning up the mess, which was all over the floor by now.    Well...actually, Audrey complained and Sophia just walked away from the mess.  

I told Audrey to just use the magnet to pick up the pieces worked:)  I wish all toys were magnetic and that easy to clean up!  The girls enjoyed this activity!  So simple.  So FUN! So educational!


Traci said...

If only dust was that fun to clean up!

Looks like a another fun day of exploring and learning over at the Moffatt house.
Dragonflies in First

School Sparks Renee said...

Great idea using pipe cleaners with the magnets! Thanks for the pictures, too! Adorable! Renee

Sarah Paul said...

I need good ideas for my son this summer and this is perfect! My son Shawn turned 3 in March and he is so curious (which I love) and I want to give him opportunities to explore. Thanks for sharing these great ideas! Shawn thanks you too :)

Annie Moffatt said...

Aww...thanks, Sarah:) Three is such a FUN age...they ARE so curious!

Caitlin said...

Super cute!! Pinned this for next year :)

Kindergarten Smiles

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