Sunday, April 8, 2012

What a BLAST!!

Saturday at the Cheesecake Factory with all my blogging buddies was SO MUCH FUN!!!!  I laughed so hard, smiled so much, talked way too loud and drank too much peach iced tea.   My husband took care of the girls and ended up dropping me off and picking me up.   As soon as I got into the car I told him to hurry home because I needed to go to the bathroom REALLY BAD!  He asked why I didn't go when I was there...well....I didn't want to miss anything!!!!

Here are a few pictures....
Rachelle from What the Teacher Wants...obviously:) and the lovely Hadar (Miss Kindergarten)!  I got to sit across from both of these AWESOME ladies and!!!  Rachelle was the guest of honor and I just LOVE her!!  She is so funny and so sweet.  We were all so excited to meet such a humble blogging celebrity:)  You could talk to her for hours because she is just so awesome!  I felt like I knew her and it was like sitting down with a good friend:)

Hadar...sorry about the leg...but I won't go there;)

Kristin (A Teeny Tiny Teacher) and me:)  I really wanted her to wear THE DRESS and order some steak, but she just snickered at me:)  I was so jazzed to be sitting next to her!  She is also so sweet and so down to earth.  I could just squeeze cute!!

That's me and FRAN (Kindergarten Crayons)!!  I LOVE HER!!  Do you even know how happy I was to be sitting next to FRAN!!!  I told her that I wanted to volunteer in her classroom so I can keep my feet wet...but really...who wouldn't want to hang out with THE FRAN???

Kristin, HEDI, Fran and me!  That is Heidi...THE Heidi from Hedi Songs!  Heidi was so sweet to bring a stack of her DVD's.  Oh boy...the squeals of delight that came over the table!  Thank you, Heidi!!  The girls and I had so much fun singing about our sight words today:)

I actually crawled UNDER the table to get this picture...but hey...wouldn't you crawl under too?  
Rachelle, me, Hadar and Traci!
I really wanted to talk with my birthday buddy (Traci) some more, but we sat too far and it was SO loud!  Traci is just so sweet!!

There were so many of us and not enough time!  I wanted to enjoy everyone, but the time went by way too fast.  I can't wait until the next meet up!

We were VERY loud!  The nice waiter took our picture and it was the only time it was silent in the Cheesecake Factory:)  I am sure everyone was happy when we left!

So many lovely ladies!!  I felt to blessed to be around so many sweet and kind women!  Everyone was a delight and we all just enjoyed one another so much!

I had a blast...I'm thinking I need to get out more:D  There are so many more blogging friends that I wish I could meet!  Until next time...


Hadar said...

My post scheduled for tomorrow is pretty much exactly the same! Great minds ;) thanks for the leg action ;)

Annie Moffatt said...

LOL...yes, sorry about the leg:) Great minds do think alike!! Love you Hadar!!

Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

that's totally NOT how I pictured you - but you are so cute!!!

♥ Jen
The Teacher's Cauldron

Reagan Tunstall said...

Oh! I am so jealous! I adore all of you and it looked like a fabulous turn out! Such fun!

Annie Moffatt said...

Hey Jen!! How DID you picture me:) LOL

Freckleteacher said...

Thanks for sharing all of your fun! I can only imagine how loud all of you amazing ladies were! So much joy and happiness has got to be LOUD!

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Fun, fun, fun! I am so jealous of you guys! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Traci said...

It was so fun Annie. We need to do it again soon so we can actually chat!
Dragonflies in First

Sarah Paul said...

That looks like so much fun! I get more and more jealous as I read all the fabulous posts about the meet up. :) I'm so glad you all had such a great time!

Sarah's First Grade Snippets

TammySF. said...

So glad I found your blog!! I started my Teachers Notebook store and saw yours was first on the list!! I'm soon going to be making the transition to stay at home mom myself after teaching for 10 years:)
Hope you'll take time to stop by my little blog:)

Chrissy said...

I just saw your comment on my post--you made my day!!

Are there pictures of Ryan Gosling in one of the photos?! Are they from the infamous "Hey, Girl" pins? :-) I LOL every time I see one!

Have a happy week,

SAS said...

Oh I am so jealous! I would love to meet up with all of you!

You’ve been tagged! Visit my blog for more!

Kindergarten Korner

Annie Moffatt said...

Hey Chrissy,
Yes, those photos are the Hey Girl ones! LOL!! They came from Fran of all people!! We were totally cracking up!!

The Teachers Korner said...

It looks like you all had a blast. Wish I could have been there. So many great minds in one room. Can you imagine what a school would be like with all of you as teachers. Thank you for sharing you pics from the get together. If you have time hop over to my blog and check it out. I am new to blogging so please feel free to leave me feedback on what looks good and what may need a little work. Thanks and have a BLESSED day! Http://

Mrs. McKown said...

Looks like you had a blast!! Someday the two opposite coasts will have to come together! If only $ grew on trees!

❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

applesandabcs said...

This was so much fun!!!!! I am so glad that I got to meet you ! :)


Apples and ABC's

Rachelle said...

Love this post!!!!!!!!! It was soooo fun!!!!!

I miss you already!

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