Monday, April 9, 2012

Toddler Tasks Week 7

The weeks go by too quickly and my little girls is growing up too fast!  Sophia is now is now 2 1/2 years old.
Many of these activities can be adjusted to meet the needs of older children as well.

Letter Formation:
We put some paint in a sealed plastic baggie and practiced writing letters.

Letter Formation and Letter Identification:
We had a lot of FUN using Wiki Sticks to form letters.  She formed a few letters and then pointed to the letters as we sang, "There was a little girl who played all day and Sophia was her name-O, S-O-P-H-I-A,  S-O-P-H-I-A,  S-O-P-H-I-A and Sophia was her name-O (to the tune of BINGO of course!).  She loved this!

Number Matching:
We have a puzzle that matches numbers 1-20 with pictures.  We are only working on numbers 1-5 right now.  She really liked this puzzle and said, "Please, I do more?"

Number Formation, Number Identification and Fine Motor Skills:
This was a very simple, yet effective, skill for early math.  I drew some numbers on our magnetic whiteboard with corresponding dots.  Then, I used our magnetic squares from our Magnetic Color Cube Set.  She patiently worked on each number, but didn't want any help!

Shape Identification, One-to-One Correspondence and Counting 1-5:
I have these lacing shapes that I got from Oriental Trading Company awhile back.  They haven't been used as much as I would like so I tried to give them a fresh start.  I added some magnets (which I am totally obsessed with) to the back and used them on our whiteboard.

I drew some shapes on our whiteboard, which matched our magnets, and Sophia identified the shapes and practiced counting up to 5.

Pre-writing/Tracing Skills:
We did a lot of pre-writing skills this week.  I put the sheets in a very durable sheet protector that I pick up at Lakeshore for around $2.50.  These are great for reusing sheets over and over.  Of course you can use a simple sheet protector and a dry erase marker too. 

Reading and Reading Readiness:
We did a lot of reading, as we do every week.  One sign that children are progressing towards getting ready to read is that they will "read" books to themselves and others.  Sophia loves to "read" out loud to herself and to our dogs:)  I LOVE that Audrey likes to read to Sophia and Sophia likes to listen:)

We have 100's our books in our library and I always like to collect more!  I try to pick up as many easy readers as possible at garage sales and our local library (books for sale).  I usually buy them for around 10-50 cents each, and worth every penny!  

Letter Identification and other Preschool Skills:
I picked up this Hot Dot Jr. app from Education Resources because she loves her Hot Dot set! They have a free (lite) and full version.  

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Traci said...

1. Your girls are just too adorable. I know I say that EVERY time... but seriously!
2. I LOVE that Sophia is always having the absolute BEST time learning.

What wonderful memories you make for your girls!
Dragonflies in First

Annie Moffatt said...

Thanks Traci!!! You can say that EVERY time because I don't get tired of hearing that sweet comment:) Thank you for your sweet words!!

Jackie said...

Great ideas...magnets are the best. I have those same buttons and now I have another idea with them. Also love the magnetic blocks they look really cool. I am sure it won't be long a little Sophia will be doing R2R along with big sister (at her level of course). Thanks for sharing.

Sarah Paul said...

I love your ideas! I need to get a magnetic board at home. My son Shawn is working on his sounds right now and loves it! He calls it letter school. Ha! We got the chalk out and made alphabet hopscotch.
Your girls are precious! You are such a fabulous mom!
Sarah's First Grade Snippets

jk said...

Oh! I want some of those tiny little magnetic color cubes!!

Mrs. McKown said...

Great activities! I love how Sophia is already multitasking! Who wouldn't want a cracker while spelling out their name!?
Love all the pics and how you document their learning!!

❤Mrs. McKown
Little Literacy Learners

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