Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 9

Unit 9 of our Ready2Read Level 2 is officially finished in The Moffatt Girls Household!  With only 1 unit left in Level 2, I am blown away with Audrey's reading progress!  Her fluency is outstanding, which has really helped her focus more on comprehension when reading chapter books.  The more fluent a child is with his/her decoding skills, the more they are able to focus on understanding the text at a deeper level.

If you are new to the Ready2Read program, you can read the information page for Level 1 {HERE}.

You can also see the information page for Level 2 {HERE}.

Level 2 Theme: Word Family Fair
Unit 9 Sight Words: pretty, so, ran, what, but
Unit 9 Word Families: -ose and -ight

Unit 9 continues to work with the long vowel, silent e combo with the -ose word family.  The free units for helping with this phonics rule can be seen in Unit 1.

Download Unit 9 by clicking the buttons below...

Color by Number Sight Words
I find this to be a great way to introduce our lessons...

Sight Word Song
(will be posted soon!  Forgot to take a picture!)  

Sight Word Circles
Begin by tracing the words inside the circles...

Color the sight word balloons accordingly...

Laminate and cut out...

Look at all of those sight word balloons!!  This is such a fantastic SIGHT!
Audrey continues to practice reading specific colored balloons to increase speed and fluency.  

Sight Word Decorating (Cherrio Mats)
We have used a lot of different things to decorate our sight words, but this week we kept it very simple!   Audrey used markers and cheerios...that's it:)

Color by Word Family
Another favorite coloring activity:)

Color by Sight Word
These pages are always FUN for Audrey!!  Learning sight word AND coloring??  Can it get much better?
We also have a complete packet available {HERE}.

Sentence Strip Review
Audrey loves to play the sentence strip review game (for the primer sight words and new word families).  She tries to find the word before I do!   This game really help students to focus on search for sight words and identifying them quickly!

Read it, Trace it, Paste it
Painting and tracing with watercolors is still a favorite...

Of course the traceable words need to match the boxed words...

Break the Sight Word Code
What will the sentence say?  Audrey always wonders what will be discovered with the Break the Sigh Word Code...

Mini-Mini Books
Cut out the mini-mini books and read them..

Practice again for fluency...

Word Family Word Sort
This weeks word sort with our two word families had Audrey building a farm!  The farm was complete with a barn, farmers, a sun, trees and animals.  But here was one word family farm that had more...

Play Dough Mats
Making letters out of play dough and then turning them into words is a great way for kids to get some hands-on interaction with making words.  Activities like this really make it stick!

Audrey used the big ice cream cone from the Word Family Fair wall to help write down the words for each word family...

Word Slides
I couldn't pass up these scrabble tiles for our word slides!  Audrey like them too and wanted to make her words look exactly like the scrabble letters:)  Seeing the word, saying the word and writing the word are great ways to reinforce a learning experience.

Roll-A-Word Family
This is another fun game that helps children practice word families!  This week we practiced using the word in a sentence before coloring the word. 

Sight Word Graphing
(Various levels are available on our Teachers Notebook Store)
We LOVE our sight word graphing!!  This week Audrey used markers instead of crayons...

Each word gets a separate color.  The words are in various fonts to help children be able to recognize words in different fonts.

Tic-Tac-Toe Word Families (-ose and -ight)
Here is our Tic-Tac-ight and -ose word families!  When you take a game and turn it into learning...you have a very happy little learner!  In fact, that big smile is there because she realized that she just won this game!  You can play this gave over and over!

Blends and Digraphs Sheet

Cut out the worksheet and turn it into a little mini dictionary book:)

Lemonade Blends and Digraphs
We continue to add so many new blends and digraphs to our lemonade cups!  With 20 lemonade blends/digraphs, Audrey's fluency continues to progress at a rapid pace.  Plus, it is just such a fun way to learn new words!
Word Family Fair Wall
These HUGE ice cream cones are the newest addition to our Word Family Fair wall!  

Will be posted tomorrow:)

Download Unit 9 {HERE}


Tina said...

Annie, you are truly amazing and such an inspiration to me, both as a Mum and a teacher!! I will certainly be purchasing your Level 1 units next week, once term starts again, to use with our Miss Lottie at home. Thank you for sharing your teaching gifts and I just loved all those pics of your sweet Miss Audrey! She looked like she was enjoying every second of her learning!! Wishing you a wonderful 'rest of the week' ~ x
Good Morning Mrs Rubie

Annie Moffatt said...

Thank you for your sweet words, Tina:) You always brighten my day!

Owl Things First said...

WOW! I love your wonderful sharing. Thank you so much. Many of these ideas will work so well for my word work stations. Thank you for the great ideas. I'm going to have a great time following you!
Owl Things First

Reagan Tunstall said...

Well I always plant fake flowers in real dirt. I mean of course.

Annie!!! I can't believe you had a dream about me. But what is even more strange is that I woke up and bought two things of yours this morning so I could have them to do with one of my reading groups today.

Isn't that incredible?

We are totally sharing a brain.

Now don't forget to close the gate and refrain from watering the flowers. It just makes mud in the house.

School Sparks Renee said...

Annie - I love all of your sight word and word family games. I agree - kids learn so much more when they have fun. Great creativity! Thanks so much for sharing these ideas and the wonderful pictures. Renee

Traci said...

aaaahhhh ... I just love it all!
You are so talented, hard-working and THOROUGH!
love it love it love it
Dragonflies in First

Jessica said...

You have so many wonderful ideas! Thank you for sharing!



Carrie said...

I LOVE the look of what you have created...it caught my eye the other day and I came back to get a closer look at it...it looks WONDERFUL...I hope to be able to get some of it soon...I love how colorful and fun and multi-sensory it is...
Great job!

gsv said...

Will you reveal the Level 3 theme??? We are doing Level 2 and finally took down our level 1 Garden. This was just sad to him, haha, and I told him we had to make room for new stuff. And now he keeps asking what's the next theme, haha.

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi gsv,
Level 3 is going to be an ocean theme and I am super excited about it! However, it will not be released until early to mid-summer.

veronicakoz said...

LOVE the cheerio idea! That would work well for my son and reinforcing letter recognition. Thanks!

Sorry for so many comments, I haven't visited your blog in a while! :)

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