Saturday, March 10, 2012

Unofficial Toddler/Preschooler Tasks

We are currently on a mini-vactation.  I am visiting one of my dearest friends in Ohio.  Since we don't have any "school" this week, I decided to do an unofficial Toddler Tasks post.  If you would like to see our "official" toddler tasks, you can visit the Toddler Task tab on the upper tool bar.

So what do those Moffatt Girls do when they are not doing Ready2Read or other school activities?

When we left California it was 86 degrees!  The girls were playing in the sprinklers.  When we arrived in Ohio, they saw the snow for the very first time:)  What a fun experience for the girls!

Each day the girls had a special job of taking the food (corn and apples) out to the deer and they LOVED it!  At 5 o'clock the deer would show up for dinner and we could watch them from the window.  How cool is that?   Totally different than California!

We took pictures in the woods...we actually it is my friend's backyard!!  Yes, her backyard!  BEAUTIFUL!

They were completely spoiled and got to go to Build-A-Bear!!

They went swimming in an indoor swimming gym.  This place was amazing!  Slides and a little play gym in the water.  The girls had so much FUN!!  Why don't they have these in California?  I guess we have the beach.   We somehow forgot to pack Sophia's swimsuit:(  But tutus work too?  right?

We did some fun crafts...

We tasted snow, but I warned the girls NOT to eat YELLOW snow!!  

More deer feeding...This picture just melts my heart!

We visited Penitentiary Glen (Nature Center) and learned about different animals.  Check out that eagles nest!!  Their nests can be 10-20 feet wide and weigh 2,000 pounds!!

We did a little bird watching...

We got some ice cream at the cutest shop ever!!  Totally crazy idea since it was about 36 degrees out!!  But then again, who can turn down ice cream?

The girls made their own homemade bird feeders.  You can see the original post for our peanut butter bird feeders {HERE}.

 We watched the birds squirrels eat the seed from the bird feeder.  So much FUN!!  We saw birds we have never seen before: red cardinals, woodpeckers, chickadees, robins, blue jays and more!!  The girls sat and watched the birds (and the squirrels) forever.

We are still in Ohio enjoying our time with our sweet friend!  We will be posting our Ready2Read units soon and more Toddler Tasks next week!  Have a GREAT week of learning and remember to enjoy the simple things in life because time goes by too quickly!


Jackie said...

Well I am glad they finally got to see some snow. Snow is for kids that is for sure. And although you probably enjoyed it too, I am sure it wouldn't take too long and you would yearn for the ocean and the beach. I guess we all take for granted what we have in our own backyard...the birds that they have never seen are common here too, so are deer and squirrels. It's nice to see these things from a new perspective...thanks for sharing.

FirstGradeBlueSkies (Jennifer) said...

Too fun! My family is all in OH!
First Grade Blue SKies

TheJobBoys said...

Hi Annie
I glad to see that you finally got to see the snow. I had enough of snow I want the warmer weather to come.
Enjoy your trip in ohio.
A subject change: any news about the giveaway (Hot Dots Alphabet)

Annie Moffatt said... are right:) I did actually live in Russia for awhile and snow is overrated:) Like you said, it was FUN to see things from a new perspective, but I do miss California!

Jennifer...It is so pretty here!! always keep me on track:) I will be posting tonight and then adding a little freebie!

maliq said...

hope your having tons of fun here in Ohio! its definitely a lot different from Cali!!!

Tamara L. Chilver said...

I love these photos Annie! What treasured memories you and your girls made. Those are just priceless!

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