Saturday, March 3, 2012

Toddler Tasks Week 5

Toddler or preschooler activities are so beneficial and an important part of early childhood development.  These activities and tasks can help to increase attention spans, reinforces skills necessary for future tasks, promote social skills, build eye-hand coordination, and so much more!

Here are some of the activities that we did this week...

Fine Motor Skills: Of course there was cutting involved!  A lot of cutting!

Listening Skills: I asked her to color one star red, one star green and so forth.  She really liked this activity and patiently waited for me to tell her the next task.

Sequencing: We pulled out the ABC dot to dot pages from one of our Kumon books.  She enjoyed this activity tremendously!  Tip: You can have your local printing store cut the spine off the books.  I also had them cut the tops of bottoms off a bit so that I could put the sheets into sheet protectors and then into a binder. This cost me about $2.00, but saved me a bunch of money because I can reuse them again and again!

Tracing: She also wanted to trace the letters on the back side.  We haven't worked a lot on letter formation but I let her do it anyways:)

Problem Solving: Simple activities like playing with building blocks also helps with problem-solving skills.  They try to figure out how NOT to make the blocks fall down.  I did notice that she also worked a little with patterns:)

Fine Motor Skills: Cutting again, this time with play-doh.  Snipping away at play-doh or paper really helps strengthen little hands, which will later help with handwriting. 

Fine Motor Skills: Sophia is actually helping me peel the little papers off of the magnets:)  Hey...I think it helps build up those fine motor skills too!

 Letter or Letter Sound Identification and One-to-One Correspondence: We used our ABC Bingo Mats to practice the sounds that the letters make. 

You can get this FREE printable {HERE}.
You can also see our other blog post on this printable {HERE}, which can also help with sounding out words.
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Like I said before, I am a little obsessed with magnets!  I think it just makes learning a little more exciting and FUN:)

Fine Motor Skills: She worked really hard on her coloring this week:)  I was so impressed with her attention to details.  She did such a great job on the sun!  Again, coloring is so good for increasing the muscles in the hand.  So simple, so useful.

One-to-One Correspondence: She worked with her shape puzzle, which says the shapes name when you put the puzzle in place, and her ABC puzzle. 

 Shapes: I really like this Melissa and Doug puzzle!  You use shapes to build pictures.

Colors: Sophia LOVES her Hot Dots!  I love how Audrey likes to help her too:)  She is such a GOOD big sister!!

Numbers/Counting: The Hi-Ho Cherry-O game is great for counting up to 4 and subtracting.  Sophia played this game a couple of times with Audrey and Mommy:)  This also helps to teach children simple skills like waiting your turn:)

Lacing/Fine Motor Skils: She worked on lacing cherrios onto a string, but she usually ate them right after she laced them:)
 More lacing...

 And that wraps it up for week 5!

If you missed any of our other Toddler Tasks, you can check out our posts {HERE}.


Jen R. @ The Teachers' Cauldron said...

Hi Annie!
I've been following your blog for some time now...and I was just wondering, how old is your youngest?? I can't wait to start with my girl!!

♥ Jen
The Teachers' Cauldron

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Jen!
Sophia is currently 2 years and 5 months old. We have been doing little tasks since is was about 12 months old. Let me tell you....Sophia LOVES her "school time!"
I am sure your little honey will love it too:)

Kristy Elliott said...

Hello, Can you tell me where to get the lacing board? I am referring to the one that is a "turtle". Thanks so much. I am beginning to Homeschool my 4.5 year old in September so I am really enjoying your series.

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Kristy,
If I remember right (it has been awhile), I think I purchased them at a store like Ross, T.J. Max or Homegoods. It might have been ToysRUs, but I always check the discount stores first:)

Laura Starnes said...

Thanks for posting the freebie. I still have a kinder kiddo who is having a hard time with his letters. This could be another great RTI for him.

Kinder Kraziness

Annie Moffatt said...

Thanks so much for sharing that!!

DeanWeber said...

Hi Annie,

My son has autism and he loves magnets . I have a magnetic board . Where did you get a stand for your magnetic white board?
Thank you for your reading program. My son is learning to read. I like all the different ways of teaching sight words and the word families. read2read really keeps my son's attention and he is not bored.
thanks so much !

All of a Kind Family said...

Thank you for sharing!

Would you mind sharing where you purchased those wonderful large blocks?

Many Blessings!

applesandabcs said...

I love all of your photos! I nominated you for a blog award! Come over and check it out!

Apples and ABC's

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Kathy,
The magnetic whiteboard is an all-in-one piece and I purchased it from Lakeshore.

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi All of a Kind Family:)
We purchased those big soft blocks from Ross. I think they were about 4-5 dollars. I get a lot of my toddler/preschool supplies from discount stores. Great stuff for great prices:)

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