Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reading Eggs Review


There are many online educational programs for kids, and I have discovered that Reading Eggs is an excellent way to review and reinforce reading concepts.  Although I had never tried Reading Eggs before becoming a part of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I find this to be an excellent way to self-motivate students, learn new concepts and increase learning.

What is Reading Eggs?
Reading Eggs is an online reading program for students between the ages of 4-7 and has been developed by educators and educational writers.  The program uses both phonics and sight words to teach and reinforce what is taught in school or at home.  Reading Eggs focuses on a core reading curriculum of skills that aim at improving a child's reading with 120 lessons.  Reading Eggs is currently in the process of building new lesson for older readers as well (Reading Eggspress), depending on their reading level.  Overall, Reading Eggs attempts to target students between the ages of 7-13 years old.

How Does it Work?
When students first log into Reading Eggs, they can take an assessment test to see exactly what level they need to begin working at.  Once the child misses three questions the test is over and they can begin working with the level that best matches their needs.


There are 3 Level in this Reading Program:
Level 1- Lessons 1-40 (Beginning Readers)
Level 2- Lessons 41-80 (Emerging Readers)
Level 3- Lessons 81-120 (Building Confidence for Early Readers)

Storyland opens after lesson 60 and  focus on comprehension skills and building vocabulary.  Each time a child finishes a lesson, they are give a 10 question quiz, which assesses their reading comprehension skills.  They are then rewarded with golden eggs and special items for their house and avatar.


Here is an example of one of the components of his lesson.  After the students learn the sight words and phonics they apply to the lessons.  In this interactive activity, students hear the sentence and then drag the correct words into the boxes.


How Much Does it Cost?
There are 3 different subscriptions you can choose from:
* Monthly Subscription- $9.95
* 6 Month Subscription- $49.95 ($8.33 a month)
* 12 Month Subscription- $75.00 ($6.25 a month)

**Parents can try a 14 day FREE trial of Reading Eggs {HERE}.
**Teachers can try a 4-week FREE trail of Reading Eggs by clicking {HERE}.

What do we think?
Every day Audrey asks to play Reading Eggs.  She LOVES this program!  Although I wouldn't use it as my core reading program, I like the review that Audrey gets from using the interactive lessons.  I find that Reading Eggs is an excellent way to reward her with 15-20 minutes of computer time, and review what she has already learned.    

I would encourage you to check out what my other TOS Crew Members thought of this product as well, by clicking {HERE}.

Disclaimer:  I received this product free of charge in exchange for a review on my blog.  The opinions expressed in this post have not been influenced by the product or the company.  My opinions may differ from others. 


TheJobBoys said...

Hi Annie
My first grade son truly enjoys his time on Reading Eggs. It has helped him in particular with sight words, word families, fluency, and confidence. He enjoys the games and is learning so much. I highly recommend it. It is great for learning phonics and letter sounds. Opening a new egg after each lesson kept him motivated to finish the program. I have the program now for nearly 4 months and using the Reading Egg book packs level 1 match the first 40 lesson enforces what he had learned. I see an improvement in his reading and writing since he started the Reading Egg. I highly recommend it.

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Vanessa,
Yes, I agree, it has been a fun way to reinforce a lot of skills. I really appreciate your feedback and input on this site:)

Tot Play: A Learning Journey said...

Alyssa's Reading Eggs subscription ends in a couple weeks. She enjoyed it tremendously and it was a a great way to review concepts while "playing on the computer." She also liked earning the critter eggs. She finished up the program early and has started using Reading Eggspress. She loves their library. I just have to decide if I will renew or not. I know that the Homeschool Buyers Coop is offering a deal right now. For those of you interested - click the link on my blog and go to Language Arts. I am not sure when the deal expires. We would also recommend the program as a supplement to your core curriculum.

Amanda said...

My 30 day classroom child just ended and I had children in tears!! I wish my district would shell out the cash but they won't until there is data supporting it. <h aref=">The Kindergarten Chick</a>

Amanda said...

I love your Ready to Read Program BTW and I think I am going to purchase it this summer to teach my 4 year old to read!!!

Annie Moffatt said...

Thanks Amanda for your feedback! is always hard to see those little ones in tears:( I wish your district would shell out the cash too:)

Thank you for your kind words about our Ready2Read program:) We LOVE it and will be releasing Level 3 this summer:)

SarahElisabeth said...

We use Reading Eggs as a supplement to our main reading programme. My five year old loves this and again, uses it most days. It has been really good for her confidence.
A benefit for us is that we use a UK version which is useful when vowel sounds are pronounced in a different way here.

markgordonbrown said...

Thanks for this great information on Reading Eggs. I have not yet used this but it sounds like a great system. Reading is so easily over looked as some parents just assume their kids will pick it up in school, but sadly I fear the schools are letting many kids fall behind, and by the time it is noticed it could be too late. It is very much the job of the parent to stay on top of the child's development and skills, especially in the area of reading when they are young.
Great blog, enjoyed.

GraGra said...

You may also be interested to look at . ZooWhiz is a new FREE online learning system for kids aged 5 – 15. It covers maths, reading, spelling, punctuation and grammar. It’s free to use at home and school. Kids parents and teachers are really enthusiastic about it and our user base is growing rapidly.

Cathrine Pedersen said...

Thank you. Great information, was not sure that i would use Reading Eggs for my children, but i think i am convinced (:

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