Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 8

We have officially completed Ready2Ready Level 2 Unit 8!  I can't believe we are already this far into our reading program.  Audrey continues to do so well with her units and I am glad that she loves our reading program.

If you are new to the Ready2Read Program, you can read the information page for Level 1 {HERE}.

You can also see the information page for Level 2 {HERE}.
Level 1 prepares a child to advance to Level 2.

Level 2 Theme: Word Family Fair
Unit 8 Sight Words: was, at, now, did, are
Unit 8 Word Families: -ink and -ove

Unit 8 continues to work with the long vowel, silent e combo with the -ove word family.  This particular word family has several words that do not follow this rule such as: dove and love.  The exception to the rules are not addressed in this unit, however it would still be a good opportunity to cover this rule on the side.

Download Unit 8 {HERE}.
Color by Number Sight Words
We now have 42 words in our pocket chart but we ran out of room so I put the extra ones on a hook in the upper left hand corner.  We still have access to them so Audrey can reread them and practice them. 

Sight Word Song 
Kids just love to sing and when you can combine singing with just clicks.  Even little Sophia is eager to join in with our sight words song to the tune of B-I-N-G-O!

Sight Word Circles (Balloons)
After tracing the sight words, coloring in the sight words and laminating them, we added 5 more balloons to our Ready2Read wall.  This activity is a fun way for Audrey to take ownership of own learning.  Wow! Look how many balloons we have!!

Sight Word Decorating (Cherrio Mats)
It has been a long time since we actually used Cherrios to decorate our sight words.  Audrey really likes to use the cake decorations, but I know it is because she likes to eat them:)  We have so much FUN with this activity!!


Color by Word Family
This week we had this cute moose who is fishing.  I really think my girls are coloraholics, so this is a perfect addition to our Ready2Read units:)  

Color by Sight Word
Audrey colored her box of pens and pencils this week according to her sight words.  This activity is such a great way to reinforce and practice sight words!

Read it, Trace it, Paste it Pages
This time Audrey used markers for this activity, but you can use crayons, water colors, or nothing at all.  Audrey likes to match the colored boxes with the words, which is an excellent way to practice tracing and identifying the sight word.

Break the Sight Word Code
Audrey always wonders what this sentence is going to say.  She is so eager to decode her sight word/phonics sentences!

Mini-Mini Books
Since first starting the Ready2Read Program, Audrey's decoding skill have grown tremendously.  Therefore, these mini-mini books are easy to read, but such a good way to practice fluency.  

Word Family Word Sort
The Word Sorts are such a FUN way to sort our two word families.  Audrey really liked sorting these hens and eggs into the correct groups:)  We had to count the eggs to see which hen laid the most.  The -ink word family won by far!

Play Dough Mats
When you actually "work" to create words, it really makes it stick!  After Audrey wrote her word families, she then made the words with play dough.  It is always fun for her to see how she can turn one letter into the next letter and make a new word.  

Word Slides
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new words slides...and so did Audrey!  These little letters are just too cute!  It was fun to slide our words and see what they would look like:)  These words slides are my favorite so far!!

Roll-A-Word Family
This game is so much FUN!  We upleveled the game this time by making up a sentence with the word instead of just reading the word.  It is always good to change things around a bit so that learning always feels fresh.

Sight Word Graphing
This skill incorporates both math and literacy, which is such a great way practice sight words.  I have used a variety of fonts so that children can identify words no matter what literacy environment they come across.    These can also be purchased on my Teachers Notebook Shop in a variety of levels, ranging from Pre-Primer to 2nd Grade.  

Tic-Tac-Toe Word Families (-ink and -ove)
We love playing games at the Moffatt Girls household, so this is such a perfect way to practice word families!   I put them in sheet protectors since Audrey usually wants to play a few times.

Blends and Digraphs Sheet
This week we decided to make our worksheet into a mini-book to reread and practice our blends and digraphs.

Sentence Strips
This game is meant to review Pre-Primer sight words.  I am such a strong believer in reinforcing material that has been previously taught because it helps to build and maintain reading fluency and confidence.  Audrey really likes this "game", but there are so many different ways that you can use these sentence strips.  

We play a game to see who can find the word first.   Guess who won??

Lemonade Blend and Digraphs
It is so neat to see all of the cute lemonade cups with their new blends/digraphs.  By combining blends/digraphs and word families, it is such a great way to see how words are broken down.  Students are more confident in decoding the words because they understand how words are put together.

Word Family Fair Wall
I just love our newest addition to our Word Family Fair Wall... The Word Family Popcorn Maker:)  It is popping up new word family words all the time!  

With only 2 more units to add to our Word Wall, it is amazing how it has all come together!  Everywhere you look on this Word Wall you see so many new words...sight words...word families (phonics)!  I LOVE it and so does Audrey!  Learning should be FUN and interactive!  
This is the reason I created the Ready2Read Program!  I just could sit my daughter down to a bunch of black and white BORING workbook pages!  

Word Family Graphing
**This activity is NOT in the unit, but Word Family Graphing-LEVEL 2 can be purchased separately to work in conjunction with Level 2 of our Ready2Read Curriculum.  We also have Word Family Graphing Level 1, which works seamlessly with Ready2Read Level 1.
Many of the products shown in this post can also be purchased individually on my Teachers Notebook Shop!

Download Unit 8 {HERE}

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TheJobBoys said...

It looks great. Will there be a level 3 to your Ready to Read program?

Becky said...

Simply amazing!! :)

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Vanessa:)
Yes, I have plans to release Level 3 probably early summer:)
Thanks, Becky!!

Jackie said...

Can't wait to get started with this program, we have finished level one and my grandson keeps asking to start level 2. I plan to do this the first whole week of March. Wow...I am really excited to hear about level 3. I am sure the Director will be also. Thanks again.

gsv said...

Could you explain more how you would explain dove and love?

veronicakoz said...

I love your blog... I will definitely be visiting often! Thank you for sharing all your great ideas!

Sarah Anne said...

I am currently working on R2R Level 1 program with my daughter. She is 5 and is doing a great job! I LOVE the program. I am having difficulty, however motivating my daughter to do the handwriting aspects. It seems to take her quite awhile. How much time "total" do you spend a day on R2R? I am trying to judge if I am spending too much time or not enough. I am so excited about R2R Level 2. Will you be offering it as a bundle?

Annie Moffatt said...

Sorry...just saw this comment:) Level 2 will be offered as a bundle when all 10 units are complete:) As far as the R2R program goes, I would skip the handwriting aspect if it is too hard, it's not really a handwriting program, but more of a reading program. Level 1 seems to take longer for children to complete since many of the concepts are so new. Therefore, I would strongly suggest that you go at her pace. We are on level 2 so that take "about" 1/2 or so a day. It really depends on the I hesitate to give you a time frame. I hope that helps a little:)

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