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Ready2Read Level 2: Unit 6

We just finished Level 2 Unit 6 of the Ready2Read program and Audrey continues to flourish with each lesson.  She LOVES to read by herself, to her sister and to Mommy and Daddy.  These are such precious days and I am so thankful to be able to watch this journey unfold.

*If you are new to the Ready2Read Program, you can read the information page for Level 1 {HERE}.
*You can see the information page for Level 2 {HERE}.
Note: Level 1 prepares a child for Level 2.

Level 2 Theme: Word Family Fair
Unit 6 Sight Words: they, came, with, no, eat
Unit 6 Word Families: -ate and -est

**This is our 6th week of working with the long vowel silent e combo with the -ate word family.  
Remember: The concept of the silent e should be specifically taught when teaching the -ate word family.

Download Unit 6 below...

Color by Number Sight Words
These have been such a great way to introduce our sight words.  We are now up to 31 primer sight words with Level 2
You can also use all of the sight words to make sentences.

Sight Word Song
Both of the girls love singing their sight words to the tune of BINGO.  This week we incorporated our $10 oil pan as our large magnetic board.  I have attached small magnets to the back of each word so that Audrey can move them into place.  You can easily extend this activity by using all of the sight words for units 1-6 to make sight word sentences.

Sight Word Circles
Five more sight words have been traced, colored, laminated and added to our bunch of balloons.

Sight Word Decorating (Cherrio Mats)
This activity never seems to bore Audrey!  There are so many different materials you could use to decorate the sight words: cherrios, stickers, cake decorations, sequins, glitter, beans, water colors and anything else that would make it exciting.

Color by Word Family
This is always a fun activity for Audrey...

Color by Sight Word 
Color by Sight Word page...

Read it, Trace it, Paste it 
These pages are such a great way to create hands-on learning and interacting with words.  Audrey loves to use her water colors when doing this activity, but you can use crayons, markers or not color it in at all.

Break the Sight Word Code
What a FUN way to learn: uncovering a secret sight word sentence.   Audrey always wonders what it will say.

Mini Mini Books
These simple little books are a great way to practice reading sight word sentences with fluency and ease.  

Word Family Word Sort
After doing this FUN word sort, Audrey is ready to go bowling!  You can print the bowling pins twice and play a memory game with them.  This would be a great way to practice reading word families.

Play Dough Mats
Here is our -ate and -est word family Play Dough Mats recording sheets and mats...

Word Slides
Word Slides are another great way to work with word families.  Each time the word is read, it should be read with fluency and ease.

Roll-A-Word Family
Audrey LOVES this game and she typically wins.  Just roll the dice and choose a word in the column to read and color (or X out).  When you roll a number that has no more words available in that column, you pass the dice on to the next player.  The person who has the most X's at the end of the game WINS!

Sight Word Graphing
I can't say enough about how effective and enjoyable this activity is for Audrey.  She loves searching for the sight word with the various fonts.

Tic-Tac-Toe Word Families (-est and -ate)
When learning becomes a game, kids will LOVE it!  Audrey seems to always win this game:)

Blends and Digraphs Sheet
For this activity, Audrey matched the blends/digraphs for each picture.  This is an excellent opportunity to practice blending words.

Sentence Strips
I consider review a VERY important component to the Ready2Read Program.  Therefore, I like incorporating this sight word (pre-primer) activity from Level 1. We printed 2 copies and cut out the strips into individual words.  Each word was to be found on the whole sheet.  I actually played this game with Audrey and we tried to see who could find the word first.

Lemonade Blends/Digraphs
The lemonade blends/digraphs are on our Ready2Read Word Wall for easy access to practice reading the words.  These blends and digraphs are specifically chosen for Level 2. 

Word Family Fair Wall 
Audrey always gets excited to see what new fair piece will be added to our Ready2Read wall.  What is a fair without cherry pie?  I just love these cute cherry pies and they provide a fun way to practice reading word families.

Here is an overview of our wall for Unit 6!  I LOVE seeing all of our hands-on learning tools being used as part of our reading program.  This is a student created and interactive "bulletin board."  For the learning process to be successful, it is so important for a child to be able to claim ownership of their learning experiences.  

Word Family Graphing
**This is NOT in the unit, but Word Family Graphing (Level 2) can be purchased separately to work in conjunction with Level 2 of the Ready2Read Curriculum.  It will be released soon.  The Moffatt Girls Shop currently has Level 1 of Word Family Graphing available.   

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Many of the product featured in the Ready2Read Program can be purchased individually as well at my Teachers Notebook Shop.


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Wow, what great ideas!!

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Jackie said...

Awesome as usual. I have to say that I really like the word family graphs. I purchased them to use with level 1 and my grandson really likes them. He is really into charts and graphs. Almost done with Level 1, and can't wait to start on the next level.

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