Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our CSA Box and a FREEBIE!!

I was so excited to get our CSA today!  It has been awhile since we had a CSA box and the girls were more than thrilled!  "Mommy, let's open the box!  Hurry, open the box!"  Music to my ears:)

What is CSA?
CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  When you become a CSA member, you are purchasing a share of vegetables/fruits from local farmers.  These are high quality foods that are delivered to a convenient drop-off location in your neighborhood.  We pick up our CSA box at a local preschool, which is only 2 minutes from our house!  To learn more about CSA boxes, click {HERE}.

Now onto some pictures and a FREEBIE!!
Swiss Chard
Okay, we do not normally eat swiss chard, so if you have a great recipe,  I would love the link!
Trying new foods can be so much fun!

This little honey LOVES carrots!  These carrots are unbelievably SWEET!
They are so much bigger than those skinny ones at the grocery store.

Organic broccoli...
The smile tells you that she loves broccoli, dipped in ranch dressing of course:)

We also got lettuce, apples, oranges, and cauliflower!

Now onto the freebie (with veggies and fruits)!  
Following directions is such an important skill in life, perhaps that is why they have students tested in this area.  I vividly remember my 3rd grade teacher handing us a sheet of paper with a long list of directions to follow.  There were about 30 items to complete on the list and all, except one student,  ran around and performed all of the tasks on the list as quickly as possible.  Why?  Because the first person who finished the list got a prize! 

There were so many silly tasks on the list, such as jump up and down three times, find a friend who is born in the same month as you, write your name 5 times on the back of the paper and so on.  Well let me tell you...I was fast...super fast!!  I really wanted the candy bar (the prize)!  In the middle of completing my tasks I noticed a girl named Jenny sitting quietly at her desk.  Now Jenny was usually VERY smart, but today she was just not following directions AT ALL!  "Poor Jenny," I thought.  The teacher is going to be sadly disappointed in her today.  

Well, I continued with my tasks and now I was on almost done! 
#29. Sit down in your seat.
#30.  Only complete tasks #1 and #2 and then sit quietly at your desk.

WHAT????  I quickly looked at #1:

1. Read all of the directions carefully before starting.
2. Put your name on your paper.

That was a TRICK!  A trick that always stuck with me!  

Well, I created a FREEBIE where students can follow directions, not the same as my teacher, but a still a fun activity and important skill.  You can cut off the bottom and read the directions to practice oral listening skills or let them read the directions and practice following written directions step-by-step.

If you like our FREE printables, we would be so grateful if you added us as one of your favorite shops on Teachers Notebook.  Thank you so much!!

Click on the picture to download...


laughinbrunette (Jennifer) said...

Your girls are just too cute! And those veggies are HUGE! =)
First Grade Blue SKies

Miss T said...

Love the pics. Especially the happy face with carrots :)

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Valerie said...

Hahaha! That girl who stayed in her seat is one smart cookie!
Thanks for sharing this activity, I look forward to using it with my students :)

Grow Up Learning

Ms. Rachel said...

Thank you so much for this freebie! Everyday I do "concepts" which is also following directions. We work on all kinds of words like colors, above, under, etc!

Thanks a lot!

TheJobBoys said...

Your girls are too cute. I send you an email with swiss chard recipes. I hope you will enjoy them as much as we have.

Annie Moffatt said...

Valerie and Ms. Rachel, I am so glad you gals can use this in your classroom!

Vanessa~You are a doll! Thanks for the recipes:)

kjohnson4 said...

Thanks a bunch:) Super cute!

qqqqq said...


Kristin said...

So cute - thanks for sharing!!
We started our own vegetable garden (square foot garden thingy) and it was amazing. Then we got lazy. I think I like this share thing way better!!! :)
The pics are too cute!!!
And the directions thing - this happened my sophomore year of high school and I was too embarassed to complete some of the tasks and then I re-read the directions so I relaxed and watched everyone else! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

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