Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Reading Game Review

As a member of TOS Crew, I had the opportunity to review The Reading Game.

What is it?
The Reading Game is a memory card game that focuses on introducing children to some of the most common sight words in the English language.  This game is designed to work for both homeschoolers and teachers.  The Reading Game teaches 54% of the words on the PK, K and 1st Dolch Sight Word List.

How does it work?
There are 6 books in the Reading Game:

Each book has a deck of cards that will introduce a child to 30 new words. The deck of cards are broken down into 6 sets, some of the words are sight words and others are just words that are in the book.   We started with the book Skunk and the #1 cards in the deck.  There are 10 #1 cards with the following words: can, cat, is, me, my.  The game is played just like your traditional memory card game.

Since this game was a review for Audrey's reading level, it was easy for her to play the game and read the words.  Audrey enjoys games, so the Reading Game was a fun way for her to review sight words and other words.

After you finish mastering the 30 words in the set for each book, you can then read the matching book for that set.  By the time you complete all 6 books, a child should be able to read 180 words.  Each subsequent story uses some words from previous books in the series, which reinforces memory skills.  The website also allows you FREE pre/post card game assessment worksheets. and Test Sentence Assessment Worksheets that help in tracking a child's progress.

How much does it cost? 
You can purchase the Reading Game for $24.95 {HERE}.

What do we think?
As an educator, I appreciate that The Reading Game meets many of the Common Core Standards.  It makes learning into a game, which I always think is a plus. 

However, there were a few points about the game that I found to be a bit of a challenge to our learning style.  First of all, some of the words in The Reading Game are not sight words, but words that I feel should be phonetically taught.  For example, the word cat, which is in book #1,  is not a sight word, but rather one of the first words that a child phonetically decodes.  Although the author of The Reading Game gives you recommendations on how to implement phonics, it is not specifically practiced in this program.  

Likewise, the books are written without punctuation marks or capitol letters, which are referred to as "mysterious squiggles and dots."  This was a little difficult for Audrey to comprehend at first since she is used to reading with punctuation marks.  However, as the author suggests, we used this as an opportunity to go back and provide the missing punctuation marks and insert the capital letters.

You can read what my other crew members thought of The Reading Game {HERE}. 

Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge in exchange for an honest review on my blog.  The opinions expressed on this blog are my own and have not been influenced by the company or the product.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I thought I would go ahead and make my Thanksgiving post now, since I am busy in the kitchen cooking turkey and enjoying my family!  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  We have SO much to be thankful for and I wanted to share a few things on my list:

1. I am thankful for Jesus and His unfailing love!
2. I am thankful for a wonderful husband.
3. I am thankful for my sweet, beautiful girls!  Even when the doctors said we couldn't have babies, God knew otherwise:)
4.  I am thankful that I can stay home with our girls.
5.  I am thankful that I am able to blog and share my passions!  It has been such a good outlet to me:)
6.  I am thankful for TBA and all of the incredible teachers I have met.  I am also thankful for the supportive followers and this sweet blogging community!
7.  I am thankful for close friends.

On the less serious side....
7.  I am thankful for coffee in the morning (with hazelnut creamer).
8.  I am thankful for soft blankets and down comforters.
9. I am thankful for Starbucks
10. I am thankful that my computer didn't die when writing this post, because it has been acting up.
My computer died right when I was writing #10!  Can you believe it???
Okay...I am thankful for my husbands computer:)
I guess I will be heading to the Apple store to get my computer fixed...IF they can fix it!  Black Friday at the mall??  I don't know.  I am so bummed....soooo bummed!  To be honest...I want to cry!  Oh well, all things work together for good:)
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sunshine Award!

I was so happy to receive this Sunshine Award from Cindy In the Teachers Lounge!  What a sweet award!  Thank you, Cindy!  I am super excited to pass this award on to some blogs that add sunshine to my day!

Here are the rules for accepting this award:

1. Thank the person who gave this award and write a post about it.
2. Answer the following questions below.
3. And pass the award to 10~12 fabulous bloggers, link their blogs and let them know you awarded them.

My answers to the questions:
  • Favorite color?  Blue
  • Favorite animal? Dog
  • Favorite number? 2 -I am not even sure why;)
  • Favorite drink? Starbucks Frappuccino- carmel!
  • Facebook or Twitter? Neither really.  I am not a big facebook fan, and I only really got one because of my blog.
  • Your passion?Jesus and my family.
  • Giving or getting presents? I love getting homemade presents/cards from my girls.  It also gives me so much joy to give presents.  But I must say that my husband gives me aswesome gifts, too!
  • Favorite day? Everyday:)
Now on to the awards...
Mrs. McKown from Little Literacy Learners
Jennifer from First Grade Blue Skies
Jackie from It's Elementary
Janine from Faithful in First
Tina at Good Morning Mrs. Rubie
Kristen from Ladybug Teacher Files
April from Chalk Talk a Kindergarten Blog
Crystal from Kreative in Kinder

Okay...I know that is not 10-12, but I have more and will add them later:)
Oh...and if you are on the list and don't feel like posting about the award, that's totally fine:)  No offense taken!  I just wanted to share some of my sunshine blogs:)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rainy Day Crafts!

The rainy days are here and I am loving it!  The girls and I did a few crafts the other day from Kids Crafts, which is available at Walmart.  We received the Rainy Day kit and had so much fun creating our crafts and doing some fun projects!

We used the Ultimate Fuzzy Kit to create what we call, The Pencil Buddy!  How cute is this little  guy?  I really loved the thickness and quality of these pipe cleaners.  There are endless possibilities of FUN that can be had with pipe cleaners:)  In fact, I think these Pencil Buddies would be a great craft to help motivate/reward kids for great writing!

Audrey used the pipe cleaners to create princess crown...

We also had some finger paint fun.  However, I did this craft on a semi-sunny day since I am not fond of finger paints in the house.  I'll admit, I kinda cringe when I get the finger paints out, but who can deny kids of a great, hands-on learning experience?  I try to restrain myself from cleaning Sophia's hands off every 30 seconds.  But hey...they are WASHABLE:)

 Audrey is not big on messes on the hand...

 Obviously Sophia doesn't mind the mess!  In fact, I think she enjoys making messes:)

Melty Beads was a super fun craft and great for those fine motor skills...
 Sophia worked on scooping them into the cup.  I just love this face:)
 This was the final creation and Audrey was so proud!  They even glow in the dark!  After creating your project, you just need to run a warm iron over it until they melt together.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items, Kids Crafts products are available at Walmart. 

Disclaimer:  I received these products free of charge in exchange for a review on my blog. However, the opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not influenced by the company.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Ready2Read Level 2: Unit 4

Four units into the Ready2Read program and Audrey is doing so well!  I really enjoying watching her confidence and fluency increase with each unit!  She has become quite the little reader:)

*If you are new to the Ready2Ready Program, you can check out the information page for Level 1 {HERE}.
*You can see the information page for Level 2 {HERE}.

Level 2 Theme: Word Family Fair
Unit 4 Sight Words: yes, under, am, four, brown
Unit 4 Word Families: -ock and -ine

**We are continuing to work with the long vowel silent e combo with the -ine family.  Here is are the links to the freebies that we have been using for the last few posts to reinforce this concept:
Remember: This concept of the silent e should be specifically taught when teaching this word family.

Download Unit 4 by clicking the buttons below!

Five more color-by-number sight words have been added to our Ready2Read program, which brings us up to 20 new sight words!

The girls enjoying singing our new sight words to the tune of B-I-N-G-O.  Actually, Sophia doesn't really know exactly what is going on, but she sure loves to participate:)

Five more sight words have been traced, colored, laminated and added to our bunch of balloons...

As a review of all the sight words, I had Audrey read one color balloon at a time...

Complete excitement takes over The Moffatt Girls house when it comes to decorating our sight words.  Again, I am sure that it is due to the fact that they get to nibble at all those cake decorations:)  I couldn't resist buying some early Christmas decorations and this was a HUGE success!!  You can purchase these at the dollar section at Target...


Last weeks sight words were put into the trash because I found some little 2 year old picking off the cake decorations and eating them!!  Hmmm...

Our Color by Word Family page was so much fun for Audrey!!  We don't actually let her eat candy, but I think she is totally intrigued by the pretty colors and wrappings:)

Here is a picture of our Color by Sight Word page, which is always something Audrey enjoys!  However, if children become board with coloring, it is always helpful to let them use different materials such as markers, colored chalks or water colors.  Whatever helps make learning fun!

Audrey continues to love using the water colors on the Read it, Trace it, Paste it pages...

Break the Sight Word Code (Sentences) is such a fun way to review the new sight words!  I was really impressed with her printing this week because this is an area the we have been trying to focus on...

She reads her mini mini books with ease, which tells me that reading is becoming very natural and comfortable for her...

For our word sort, I created a cookie jar for each word family.  I cut off the top of the lids so that she could "put" the cookies in the jars.  She really enjoyed this activity!  Remember, you can print two copies of these printables and play memory, which really helps focus attention on the sounding out of each word...

Before we actually started our Play Dough mats this week, I had Audrey work on writing all the words she could come up with for the -ock and -ine word families...

Our Play Dough mats are not only fun, but they also embrace a total hands-on approach to learning. 
Yes, this is Jesse the cowgirl from Toy Story doing the Play Dough mats;)

Once again, I have seen so much growth in Audrey's writing this week when she wrote down her words for the word slides.   

Roll A Word Family is still a favorite!  Whenever learning becomes a "game" it is so much FUN!

Sight Word Graphing...HUGE hit!!

Tic-Tac-OCK and Tic-Tac-INE...another game that makes learning a joy!

Our Blends and Digraph page...

The Sentence Strips continue to provide Audrey with an excellent way to review sight words from Level 1 and allow her continually develop her fluency...
(I LOVE this picture!)
Print a second copy, cut out each individual word, search for the word, and dot it off...

Here is a picture of our lemonade words with their blends/digraphs and the word families we have been working with...
The newest component to our Word Family Fair are these word family tickets!  Audrey thought they were fantastic and wanted to read them over and over:)

Audrey reading the tickets:)

Here is a picture of our wall for  Ready2Read Level 2 Unit 4:

I hope that you have a FUN and success week of Ready2Read learning!

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