Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rainy Day Crafts!

The rainy days are here and I am loving it!  The girls and I did a few crafts the other day from Kids Crafts, which is available at Walmart.  We received the Rainy Day kit and had so much fun creating our crafts and doing some fun projects!

We used the Ultimate Fuzzy Kit to create what we call, The Pencil Buddy!  How cute is this little  guy?  I really loved the thickness and quality of these pipe cleaners.  There are endless possibilities of FUN that can be had with pipe cleaners:)  In fact, I think these Pencil Buddies would be a great craft to help motivate/reward kids for great writing!

Audrey used the pipe cleaners to create princess crown...

We also had some finger paint fun.  However, I did this craft on a semi-sunny day since I am not fond of finger paints in the house.  I'll admit, I kinda cringe when I get the finger paints out, but who can deny kids of a great, hands-on learning experience?  I try to restrain myself from cleaning Sophia's hands off every 30 seconds.  But hey...they are WASHABLE:)

 Audrey is not big on messes on the hand...

 Obviously Sophia doesn't mind the mess!  In fact, I think she enjoys making messes:)

Melty Beads was a super fun craft and great for those fine motor skills...
 Sophia worked on scooping them into the cup.  I just love this face:)
 This was the final creation and Audrey was so proud!  They even glow in the dark!  After creating your project, you just need to run a warm iron over it until they melt together.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the items, Kids Crafts products are available at Walmart. 

Disclaimer:  I received these products free of charge in exchange for a review on my blog. However, the opinions expressed in this post are my own and I was not influenced by the company.


Jodi said...

I loved melting beads growing up.


Mrs. McKown said...

Adorable! I am so jealous your girls are still in sundresses!
Little Literacy Learners

Jackie said...

Very nice projects...I just looked at their web page and they have some really cool stuff. I think I might try their stamps. I think the kids would enjoy those.

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