Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ready2Read Level 2 Information Page!

Coming Friday!
Ready2Read Level 2 is FINALLY here!  I have been working really hard on launching Level 2, but just when I thought I was finished, I had to keep adding just one more piece to the program.  I am absolutely THRILLED with the final product and excited to release Level 2.

If you are new to the Ready2Read Program, see the Level 1 information page {HERE}.

I have provided a list of the most commonly asked questions:

What will Level 2 cover?
Ready2Read Level 2 will continue to focus on a combination of both phonics and sight words.  Level 2  is an extension of Level 1 and will cover the following:
*Primer Sight Words (52 words)
*More complex word families
*Blends and digraphs

How many units in Level 2?
There will be a total of 10 units in Level 2, which will cover 52 sight words and 20 new word families.

How long will it take to complete each unit?
I will provide a five day lesson plan for each unit, BUT each unit can EASILY be extended to 10 days (2 weeks).  There are so many different activities in Level 2 that you can review and repeat parts or all of the unit as needed.

What do I need to get started?
Here are some basic supplies you will need to complete each unit:
1) A laminator- I use the one {HERE}, but it can also be found at target for the same price.
2) Lamination pouches- {HERE} is the best price I have found.
3) Dry erase markers
3) A good pair of child's scissors
4) Play-Doh
5) I highly suggest purchasing a pocket chart.  I bought mine at lakeshore, but they also carry them at The Oriental Trading Company, Amazon or any teacher supply store.

Stay Tuned!

Check out Ready2Read Level 2 in our shops below!


Jenny said...

I am so so thrilled! My son is going through level 1 right now and we are loving it!!!

Jackie said...

I am so excited to see Level 2 I can't stand it. I am having such good success with Level 1 with my grandson and he is really enjoying it. One other question...will you be showing blog posts of how you have used it with your daughter. I find them very helpful. Thanks again and am anxiously waiting.

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi Jackie!
I will have photos for each post, just like level 1. I think photos help too:)

Annie Moffatt said...

I received your comment and thanks for your kind words. Contact me personally with your email address:)

brit923 said...

Hi, I am so excited! I just started to use your Level one with my two kids ( I homeschool) and my kids are literally begging to do more work every day! They love your program!!! I also bought your level 2 bundle and I am wondering if you can please help me as I am trying to do some planning. Level 2 uses blends and digraphs and I am wondering if you can tell me if those are in the sight words and do you have a list of what blend etc is taught in each unit. If not, no worries. I am also wondering if you are planning on coming out with a Feb. writing prompts for beginning writers. I bought the ones for Dec and Jan and my kids love those as well. Thanks for all you amazing products!

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