Sunday, October 30, 2011

Memoria Press: First Start Reading/Classical Phonics Review

As members of the TOS Crew, we recently had the opportunity to review First Start Reading & Classical Phonics by Memoria Press.  These products have been very helpful to our homeschooling program and I have been using them in conjunction with our own program.

Classical Phonics: A Child's Guide to Word Mastery by Cheryl Lowe gives students and teachers all they need to know and understand about basic phonics skills.  This book is an excellent resource to have because all of the phonics skills are combined within one small book.  This is a type of handbook that I will constantly use to refer to when teaching a specific phonics skill.
Within this small book, here are just some of the phonic skills addressed:
Alphabet, short vowels, CVC, silent e, blends, long vowels, vowel teams, r-controlled vowels, pre-fixes, and sight words.

First Start Reading: Phonics, reading and Printing by Cheryl Lowe comes with the following books: Book A, Book B, Book C and a Teachers Guide.  Beginning with Book A, the student will have a total of 25 lessons, a review and an assessment.  Each lesson will cover the following categories:
*Letter sounds
*CVC Words (Common Word, which include sight words)
*Reading skills such as beginning punctuation and plural sounds
*Beginning Sentences
Here is an example of Book A Lesson 1

Book B covers 26 lessons but includes dictation under Reading Skills and progresses from reading basic sentences to short stories.  By Book C, the areas categories remain the same but students will be reading longer stories and writing longer sentences.

Here is an example of Book B lesson 1:
 Book B Lesson 2:
 Audrey is really enjoying the handwriting lessons...

What do I think?
Although Audrey is strong in the area of phonics and sight words, I think these books (especially books A and B) are an excellent opportunity to review what she already knows while also providing us with practice in areas where she needs more instruction.  It is always fun for kids to review what has been taught because it builds more confidence.  We are really enjoying the practicing of letter formation (handwriting) and drawing pictures in the book.  Handwriting is an area that Audrey needs more specific instruction and I love that these books lead her to develop her writing practices.  I am looking forward to seeing the progression of her writing as we continue the program!  I am also excited to see Audrey learn new concepts with Book C as we continue to progress with the lessons.

How much does it cost?
First Start Reading: Book A, Book B, Book C and Teachers Guide is $29.95
Classical Phonics is $14.95
I think these prices are fantastic for the quality and comprehensiveness of the product.  In fact, this is probably a product I would purchase if I did not receive it to review.

Memoria Press also offers a variety of other products, which include Latin, Logic and Rhetoric, Christian Studies, Literature, Penmanship and more.  You can order risk free with their 60 unconditional return policy!

You can see what my other TOS Crew members thought of this product {HERE}.

Disclaimer: As members of the TOS Crew, we received these products free of charge.  However, the review in this post is my own opinion and was not influenced by the free product or the company.

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