Friday, September 9, 2011

Space Alien Nonsense Words Packet!

I just finished creating my Space Alien Nonsense Words Packet for Teachers Notebook!  As soon as I printed these sheets, Audrey was full of giggles and wanted to participate in the activities.

Why nonsense words?
When children begin to learn to read they often start guessing at words.  For example, if the see the letters ca...they may guess that the word will be cat.  However, the word may be cap, can, or something else.
Nonsense words eliminates guessing since nothing makes sense!  At the same time, they reinforce phonemic awareness and forces the child to sound out each letter, which allow them to become more proficient readers.

This FUN space alien packet has 5 posters, 2 math/literacy graphing sheets, 180 nonsense words, and a game board to practice!

You can also see the Common Core Standards related to this product on Teachers Notebook!

To download this fun product, click the buttons below!


Hollis DeMatteo said...

Hi! I love this unit!! I purachased it through your store at Teacher's Notebook. However, i am having trouble downloading it. There seems to be something wrong with my zip drive. I was hoping that you could either mail it to me or email it to me. Until then I will keep trying to download. Thank you so much! Your girls are so cute, by the way!

Thanks, Hollis DeMatteo
Wilmington, North Carolina

Hollis DeMatteo said...

I forgot to send you my email!! It is holbed Thanks again. Hollis

Mrs. Davis said...

Thanks for your inspiration! I've chosen your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award! Head to my page to check it out!

Kim @

Lexi said...

This looks great!!! We are studying outer space right now so this would fit in perfectly. We're struggling with the guessing game while daughter loves to guess and refuses to sound out words. We're still working on it!

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