Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Activities for the Car

I don't know what your car rides are like, but ours can be a little chaotic at times:)  Cheerios and Goldfish litter the floor and two little girls giggle, scream and demand all sorts of things from Mommy.   I finally decided it was time to put together a set of activities and resources JUST for the car!

First on the list is the Aquadoodle, a gift from Grandma Moffatt!  We love this!!  Thanks Grandma!!  Just put a little water in the pen and you are good to go!  Kids can doodle with out the mess!  I especially love this because my 23 month old can't draw all over her legs with it:)  You can even pick them up at Target.
Aquadoodle Travel N' Doodle

I also love this Road Trip Bingo game Tamara at TLC posted about!  Just print, laminate and kids will be busy looking for all sorts of objects and signs!  My 4 year old will LOVE this!!

As far as those messy snacks go...why not try a cheerio bracelet?  Just use a pipe cleaner, add cheerios and twist together.  This will easily buy you 10 minutes of mess-free snack time!

Wait, wait!  Save that for our car ride!

We always have tons of books in the car.  Here are a few the girls' favorites:
Biscuit Wants to Play (My First I Can Read) Pinkalicious Fancy Nancy and the Delectable Cupcakes (I Can Read Book 1) Jesus and His Friends (I Can Read! / Beginner's Bible, The)

I would love to hear what you do to keep sane in the car!


Madison said...

I love the cheerio necklace. Thank you for sharing all of your great ideas. I picked you as one of my top ten blogs. You are a Top Blog!

S. Parker said...

My son loves Color Wonder books for car rides. Great at restaurants too. He is into maze books so I have a few dry erase ones. Anything portable for breakfast is great...dry cereal, fruit bars.

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