Thursday, July 28, 2011

Shoe Town Stories

I recently picked up a copy of an easy reader called, Shoe Town for Audrey to practice her reading skills.  This adorable easy reader has a fun activity in the back of the book and we decided to give it a try.

This is an activity that can be adapted to any grade level and I just love it!  In fact, if I were teaching again I think I would use for an open house cute.

Start by tracing your shoes onto a piece of paper and then cutting them out.  Audrey decided to create a picture storybook of our family:)  She also wrote about our family on the last page.  I was so impressed with the final outcome that I decided to laminate the book so we could it have it as a keepsake.

 On the left: our family holding hands.  
On the right: our dogs and our birds.

Audrey wrote, "I love my shoe town because I love my family.  By Audrey"

Now this makes a mommy's heart melt!!  

1 comment:

Ticia said...

That would totally make my heart melt too.

I remember loving that book back when I taught first grade.

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