Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Ready2Read Level 1 Standards

I wanted to highlight the state standards (California) that are addressed in the Ready2Read program.  Not only is the Level 1 Ready2Read program a FUN way to teach kids phonics and sight words, but it is also right on track with what Kindergarten kids need to know.

Granted this is not the funnest post to read, but it sure makes you feel good about using the Ready2Ready program!!

Kindergarten Standards Addressed

Phonemic Awareness
1.7 Track (move sequentially from sound to sound) and represent the number, sameness/ difference, and order of two and three isolated phonemes (e.g., /f, s, th/, /j, d, j/).

1.8 Track (move sequentially from sound to sound) and represent changes in simple syl­ lables and words with two and three sounds as one sound is added, substituted, omitted, shifted, or repeated (e.g., vowel-consonant, consonant-vowel, or consonant-vowel­ consonant).

1.9 Blend vowel-consonant sounds orally to make words or syllables. 

1.10 Identify and produce rhyming words in response to an oral prompt. 

1.11 Distinguish orally stated one-syllable words and separate into beginning or ending sounds. 

1.12 Track auditorily each word in a sentence and each syllable in a word.

Decoding and Word Recognition

1.15 Read simple one-syllable and high-frequency words (i.e., sight words).

Here are a few 1st Grade Standards that are briefly addressed in Level 1 but will be more aggressively addressed in Level 2:

Phonemic Awareness
1.4 Distinguish initial, medial, and final sounds in single-syllable words.

1.7 Add, delete, or change target sounds to change words (e.g., change cow to how; pan to an).

1.8 Blend two to four phonemes into recognizable words (e.g., /c/a/t/ = cat; /f/l/a/t/ = flat).

1.11 Read common, irregular sight words (e.g., the, have, said, come, give, of)
1.15 Read common word families (e.g., -ite, -ate).  

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