Monday, July 18, 2011

ABC Bingo Match Printable FREE!

Sophia (22 months) is obsessed with the ABC's.  She has recently started singing the alphabet in the car and she is so pleased with herself!  She proudly announces, "I did it!" after finishing the song.  I decided another alphabet printable was in order:)  This printable can be adjusted for preschool/Kindergarten age too.

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For the toddler/preschooler

Audrey (4 years old) also enjoyed this activity!
For the preschooler/Kindergartener

Other opportunities to learn:
-Practice putting the letters in ABC order
-Spell simple CVC words such as c-a-t, p-a-n, h-u-t, etc.
-Practice making word families words by switching out the first letter such as: cat, mat, pat, fat 
-Practice the sounds each letter makes.  I highly recommend Letter Factory  for learning letters!
-Younger kids can put letters in the same color pile.
 -Older kids can sort out the vowels: a, e, i, o, u and sometimes y!
 -And so many more opportunities to learn with this simple printable!

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Jess- said...

Another great printable! Thanks Annie!

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