Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ready2Read Questions


I have received a lot of emails regarding the  Ready2Read program and I wanted to take the time to answer some of your questions.

What is the Ready2Read program?
An explanation of the program can be found {HERE} on the information page.

Where can I find all of the posts for the Ready2Read program?
The pink Ready2Read tab at the top navigation will provide you a link to each post.

Can I get the units early, before you release them?
The scope and sequence for each unit is complete, but not assembled.  Therefore, I cannot release the units earlier than when I release them on the blog.  I typically try to release a unit a week, usually on Friday.  However, life does get in the way sometimes and I am not always able to release on schedule.   Audrey had a birthday one week and another week she was sick.  Hopefully the remainder of the units will be on time:)

When will you be releasing Level 2 for the Ready2Read program?
This part of the program is currently being worked on and I am hoping to release the program in the Fall.

I noticed a mistake in one of the units.
So sorry about the minor mistakes in one or two of the units.  I do try to be careful and Audrey usually corrects me as she does the program at home.  As for now, I can not spend the time to fix the minor mistake and reassemble the large PDF.  Hopefully in the future I can:)  

I am having trouble downloading the PDF.
You need the most current version of Adobe Reader, which you can access {HERE}.  It is FREE to download.

Again, thank you for your kind comments and encouraging emails!  I have put several hours into each unit and I LOVE hearing how your child is progressing!!  I know that several Kindergarten teachers will be using this program as part of next year's class instruction.  That makes me so happy!!  We have experienced enormous success with the Ready2Read program at the Moffatt household, so I know (by experience) that the program works:)  It is my hope that you will be blessed too!

Thank you,


Natalie said...

I started the R2R program last Monday with my 4-year-old and 2.5 year-old and I am AMAZED at how awesome it is. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have been trying to figure out a way to teach my 4-year-old to read and I was really struggling with it. I couldn't find anything that worked well for us. I stumbled upon your site and I am so grateful I did! It is EXACTLY what we both needed and is working tremendously well. (The 2.5 year-old enjoys it, too, but I figure I'll have to repeat some things with her in about a year.) Thank you for all of your hard work and making it available for free.

Lynn said...

We love your program!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for all the hard work you have put in to it.
Never a Dull Moment

gsv said...

Really really loving.

One question/suggestion: Will there be a review lesson? Sometimes I notice my son gets a bit lazy and assumes he knows a word without reading, like he sees the m and is like man when it is mat. I then cue him to look closely and sound it out,and he indeed can read it. I find myself doing as much as I can to mix up word families outside of the lessons, so he is indeed sounding out the word and/or looking at the whole word,rather than guessing in a kind of lazy manner. Make sense?

I seriously am loving the program!

monicaandrew said...

My son will be starting kindergarten this coming homeschool year and he is on unit 2 right now. He is doing sooo well on this program. He loves the sight word song and the read it, trace it, paste it sheets. THANK YOU so much for sharing this program with us! :-)

gsv said...

Oh man, it is no longer free. Such a bummer for us. Wish I knew it was a limited time.

M Piatt said...

Would you recommend using this for older students (2nd-4th graders) who are reading well below grade level?

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