Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day Daddy!

This post is dedicated to the best Daddy in the world...our Daddy!!

Thank you for ALL the ways you show us that you love us!
Thank you for hugging us!
Thank you for kissing us!
Thank you for reading to us!
Thank you for taking us to Disneyland!
Thank you for playing with us!
Thank you for letting us help you garden!
Thank you for taking us on the scooter!
Thank you for teaching us about God's love!
Thank you for giving us your time, attention, and unconditional LOVE!

We love you Daddy!
Audrey and Sophia

1 comment:

Mrs. Mc said...

LOVE this!!!!!

I was going to post about Father's Day also....I just might still!

Enjoy your day!
~ Mrs. Mc

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