Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ready2Read (LEVEL 1) A New Reading Program!!

This program is being used by classroom teachers, homeschooolers and parents!  The hands-on activities in each Ready2Read unit make this program unique, engaging and FUN for kids!  The journey to learn how to read should be exciting and fun, especially at this age! 

What is the Ready2Read program?
Ready2Read is a program that I created to help my daughter, Audrey, learn how to read.  As an educator, I understand that children need both phonics and sight words to successfully learn how to read.  Therefore, each unit will introduce 5 new sight words and 2 new word families.  The units are designed to teach, reteach and reinforce basic reading concepts.  In addition, I have made day-by-day lesson plans available, which makes it easy for both teachers and parents to implement.  There are so many different activities in each unit, which really helps to meet the needs of all types of learners.

*Made by a Teacher for Teachers - Since this reading program meets Common Core Standards, it is perfect for teaching children to read in a classroom setting.  Teachers can feel confident in using this curriculum because its comprehensive scope and sequence allow for sequential learning.  Likewise, this reading program lends itself to whole group teaching and centers.

*Made by a Mom for other Parents - So many parents want to teach their child how to read, but they are not sure how to do it or where to begin.  This curriculum is ready to go!  Print the materials, laminate a few things, cut a few things and simply follow the weekly lesson plans!  

How old should my child/student be to start the Ready2Read program?
There is no specific age on when you should start teaching your child how to read, because there is no correct answer to that question.  Each child will learn at his/her own pace and it is important not to rush a child to read.  However, when they are ready to read...ENJOY IT!!

There are signs that indicate when a child is ready:
-They try to sound out words
-They ask you what words say
-They memorize short books and "read" back to you
-They are constantly asking you to read to them
-They read to their younger siblings, animals, stuffed toys or anyone who will listen :)

The only requirements for starting this program would be that the child knows all the letters of the alphabet and most sounds that the letters make.  If you are still at this stage, just wait a little while longer.  I do recommend the Leap Frog Letter Factory to help teach letter sounds.  WONDERFUL video!!

What do you mean by Level 1?
Level 1 will only work with pre-primer sight words and basic word families.  Level 1 is designed to build confidence in reading and reinforce basic reading foundational skills.  Your child will not be introduced to blends and digraphs until Level 2.

How often do you do a unit?
That is completely up to your descretion and the needs of your child.  I plan on completing a unit a week, but there is enough content to stretch the materials into 2 weeks.  

How many units are there in Ready2Read Level 1?
There will be a total of 8 units, which will cover all 40 Dolch pre-primer sight words.  

What do I need to get started?
There are a few basic things you will need to get started.  
1) A printer- most of you probably have one;)
2) A laminator-  I use the one {HERE}
3) Lots of lamination pouches.   I have searched high and low and the best price I found is {HERE}  They are less than 10 cents each and I go through a lot of them!  You can also head on over to any teacher supply store where you can laminate at a reasonable price. 
4) Dry erase markers
5) Plastic Sleeves
6) A good pair of scissors for children are important.  Cheap ones tend to be too difficult and frustrating.

In the meantime, if you have any questions regarding the Ready2Read program, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Click {HERE} to see Unit 1 "in action"

You can also grab THE BUNDLE and save 20%here...


welcome to our wonderland said...

sounds great I can't wait :)

Becky said...

You've got my curiosity up! I can't wait to see what you've done! I'm going to link the post you do tomorrow to my own "Saturday's Sites" post.
Until tomorrow...:)

welcome to our wonderland said...

so excited I posted about your ready2read on my blog hope that is ok :)

Annie Moffatt said...

THANKS!! You guys are super sweet!! I hope the Ready2Read program will help lots of little learners:)

shannon said...

look at you go!! we are super excited to get started, thanks for the direction!

Annie Moffatt said...

Aww...thanks Shannon:)

Anne said...

Thank you so much for sharing this information with all of us. My son is sure to love it. I already have the BOB books and lots of other resources. But I am very inspired by your posts. I cannot wait to see what you have in store for us!

Kimberly said...

Welcome to TBA! I am a new follower!
Funky First Grade Fun

Patriots of the Republic Academy said...

I found your blog form a post on Facebook. This is exactly what I need for my son!

He is blending words, but not yet ready for 'real' reading because he gets discouraged. We need to focus on sight words for awhile to build up his confidence, and this is perfect. Thanks so much!

Kristin Young said...

I believe in The Letter Factory so much that I actually bought 2 copies and send it home with my students who struggle to master letters and sounds. Works like a charm every time!

Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

allytymommy said...

I love this program! It won't let me download. Am I doing something wrong?

Annie Moffatt said...

I know that you need adobe reader to view the pdfs. I know that you can download it for free. If you are still having trouble, just email me:)

Mary said...

thanks for sharing that is what I was looking for as my four year old so wants to learn how to read

Jenny said...

Wow! Awesome! Over here from 1+1+1=1, Carisa's blog. This is great! Thank you so much for sharing!

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing this great program!

The Mommy Teacher said...

Hi! I found your blog from Pinterest:) Great ideas and printables you have...
I was wondering what printer you use since you have so many great things to print out. My current printer is on the fritz and I am in the market for a new one, but don't want to get one that uses a ton of ink on one print. Thanks!

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi The Mommy Teacher (LOVE the name),
I just use a HP ink jet printer that I have had for a year or so. I think I got it free with my computer. However, I would be open to hearing about one that works better on ink, too! Purchasing ink cartridges are a way of life here at the Moffatt Girls least until we can find a better way:)

The Mommy Teacher said...

Thanks! I guess I'll keep you posted about the printer thing. I saw a nice one at Costco I might try. Thanks!

Family Is Great! said...

I have heard that Kodak printers are better on ink. I have seen several on clearance recently. And their ink cost less. I'm saving up for one, so can't tell you from experience. It might be good to research it.

Family Is Great! said...

I have heard that Kodak printers are better on ink. I have seen several on clearance recently. And their ink cost less. I'm saving up for one, so can't tell you from experience. It might be good to research it.

Miss Amanda said...

I just wanted to share that I'm looking forward to using your Ready2Read Level 1 this year with my older class of preschoolers. I spent the morning adding velcro to pieces and I can't wait! Thank you for putting this together - it has saved me so much time!

JoAnne Markov said...

Is there any way you would consider doing a "phonics only" bundle? I would love to use your word family and phonics printables with my preschooler, but we already own another sight words resource/program and I can never seem to bring myself to buy your printables when half of it would be doubling up on what we already have.

Annie Moffatt said...

Hi JoAnne,
Thanks for your question. As of now, I don't plan on breaking apart the units. It is a bit too much work for me right now.

ananasattic said...

Hi Annie,

I'm Liza, from Singapore and I'm truly glad to have stumbled upon your R2R products!My son is 5 and he has a language delay and gets distracted very easily. I've been working with him using your resources and he's been enjoying them pretty much. Looking forward to using more of your products in future. :)

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