Friday, April 8, 2011

Reading With Ruby Week #3

I have really enjoyed helping Ruby learn how to read these past three weeks.  The growth that I have seen since week 1 until now has been AMAZING!  If you would like to see the progress of her journey, follow the links:
Week 1
Week 2
Here are the activities for week 3:

Sight Words (high frequency words): We always start with reviewing our sight words and adding our new words.  At the end of three weeks, she has mastered 18 sight words: look, see, funny, big, come, is, little, down, my, jump, run, blue, can, make, and yellow. (here, help, and, and for the next book)

Why did I pick these 15 sight words?  My short term (3 week) goal is to have Ruby read the Dick and Jane book, We Look.  These are all the sight words needed for this book.  I have made a list of the sight words needed to read the Dick and Jane series here.

Sight Words: We continue to sing our sight words to the tune of BINGO and review our letter sounds.

Phonics: I made this CVC word game, which the girls really enjoyed!

They worked on the space rhymes file folder game...

 Sight Words: I had the girls use the dot stamps to stamp their sight words...

 Then they traced over the dots...
 Sight Words:  They read Book 6: Kittens
                                          Book 7: Dogs

 They took a well deserved break:)

 Phonics: They worked with these Melissa and Doug see and spell

Sight Words: Had a little more practice with sight word printables found here.

Phonics/Sight Words: Read 3 Bob Books for Set 1 found here

I used some plastic Easter eggs and wrote the word families from each Word Family book.  For example, on the right side, you write at, and on the left side you write c, b, m, r, s, h, p.  When the girls twisted the egg, it read: cat, bat, mat, rat, sat, hat, and pat.
 Then I had the girls write each word they made after twisting the plastic egg.

Sight Words: They made sight words from glue and cherrios.  Squeezing those glue bottles helps to build up the muscles needed to write!   They had a fun time with this craft.

They thought it would be a good idea to use their snack (popcorn) to make their last sight word.  
NOTE: It doesn't work as well... the popcorn falls off!  But they still learned their sight word and enjoyed eating the popcorn;)
Sight Word: They used dot markers to make more sight words.

Phonics: They read 3 more Bob Books for Set 1  They really enjoy reading together!  So cute!

The GRAND FINALE!  Ruby's 3 week goal was to be able to read her first Dick and Jane book, 
We Look!  Success!!!  What a joy to watch her read:)

Audrey read her Dick and Jane book, Something Funny.

How I kept the little tot busy...
Easter eggs and little chicks!
Shape Magnet Printables

Dot Painting

Counting Bears
Crayola Beginnings


Susanmeep said...

I love this idea.,
I am following you (suelee1998) from the blog hop, you have a great site. Would you like to follow me back?
thank you :)

Nicole weaver said...


New follower from Friday blog hop, please follow back at:

Lulu said...

Looks like a fun week!

Have you tried CVC bingo? I have used it before with ESL students and it is always a hit!!

We did counting bears last week for the first time- my tot was not interested in sorting them into colours just yet but he will get there eventually (I hope!)

Caterina said...

Just wanted to know how old your kids are?
We love the Crack the Code and mini readers!
Thanks so much,

Annie Moffatt said...

Audrey will be 4 this month (June) and Sophia is 20 months:)

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