Friday, April 1, 2011

Reading With Ruby Week #2

This is our 2nd week of reading instruction and Ruby is doing GREAT!  She has mastered 12 sight words and is coming along nicely with her phonics skills.

Here is a look at our week #2 activities:

Sight Words: We started out with reviewing our sight words: look, see, funny, come, is, big, jump, run, little, down, my, and blue

We also sang our sight word songs to the tune of BINGO...  
There was a sight word for the day and jump was our sight word.  
J-U-M-P,  J-U-M-P, J-U-M-P and JUMP was our sight word!

 I introduce 6 sight words a week, which is just the right amount for her. I have chosen these sight words because they are the sight words needed to read the Dick and Jane book, 
We Look.  She only needs 3 more sight words!!
Sight Words: I review the letter sounds with Ruby and Audrey, but Sophia (18 months) LOVES this part the most!
Here she is SCREAMING out the sounds of each letter.   I totally attribute this to Letter Factory!  You can also download these adorable printables here.

Coloring sight words...
What is a sight word?  A sight word (high frequency word) is a word that children will encounter in 60-75% of what they read.  Although some sight words are phonetically decodable, it is helpful to have these memorized so that children can focus on decoding other words without losing the sense of what they are reading.  It also helps to boost their confidence!  

Phonics: The girls worked on the word family flowers and Sophia liked to help rearrange them:)

Sight Words: The girls practiced writing their sight words on a chalkboard and a whiteboard...

Sight Words: I had the girls do a little pointillism with their sight words... 
We had a little snack...

Phonics: Practiced the middle sounds of CVC words...

Phonics: The girls had fun with this flower game!  They picked a flower, read the word, and added it to their garden. 

Phonics: They worked on some word puzzles...

Phonics: They worked on some rhyming words with this Kumon book...

Phonics: The Kumon book also has some writing practice for the rhyming words..

Sight Words: I love these simple, confidence building, sight word books.  Today we used 
Phonics: Read Bob Book #4 and 5

Phonics: Practiced word family words at Starfall.  Everyone LOVES doing this game, especially Sophia:)

Math: At the end, they played a simple game of war using only numbers 2-10 to help with greater than, less than.  They really enjoyed playing this game!!

This is how I kept the little tot busy this week...

Peek-a-boo puzzle
Q-tip painting

She loves her shapes puzzle!

Linked up at No Time For Flashcards, for more word play: 1+1+1=1


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Stopping by from the party.... so happy to find your blog...what a fun party
Hope you will stop by...I have some extra giveaways that require nothing but a jumping through hoops.


It is nice to meet your through ubp. I loved teaching our daughters to read. One heads up though ~ they grow up and move into 3rd floor apartments with no elevators. Those book loving girls and boxes and boxes of book to carry upstairs. :)


Gg - Notes on the Journey #269

Amy Sullivan said...

I especially appreciate "Reading with Ruby" because I have a sweet, two-year-old Ruby of my own!

Clicked over from the Blog Party!

ministrytomotherhood said...

What a lovely blog. So glad to meet you through the UBP. Thanks for the ideas and links!

Becky @ From Ministry to Motherhood

Eli's Lids said...

Fun! I'm doing starfall with my kiddos and they love it!

Confessions Of A Homeschooler said...

Thanks for linking to me, it looks like your family is having lots of fun learning! Great blog and ideas, TFS!

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