Monday, March 28, 2011

Preschool Workboxes

I am thrilled with our new workbox system!  Here is what we have in our 
preschool workboxes today!

These Magnetic Color Cubes are great for attention to detail.  Plus, I love the printables made for these found here.


Lacing is always fun and helps with fine motor skills needed for writing.

I LOVE the Dick and Jane book because I grew up reading them! They are very helpful when wanting to reinforce sight words because they are so repetitive.  

This Shamrock file folder game really aids in CVC word families and decoding skills.

The simple game really boosted her confidence and she was so proud to know she was adding:)

Here is a picture she drew of some boots from the Kumon Drawing book.  After drawing, she really wanted to write about the picture by herself.  I did help with the spelling, but I do feel a little sad (and happy) to see her independence developing.

 She really enjoyed her butterfly craft with crumpled up tissue paper.  

 She liked making the cherrio bracelet and especially enjoyed eating it!

 She played with her Geo Safari talking Microscope.


Mrs. Gertha said...

Stopping by from the UBP 2011. I like your blog(: Your lesson plans/activites are great!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE your blog! So many great ideas!!!

breanna said...

love the dominos idea! shared it here and linked back to you:

Thank you!!

Ai Ling Lee said...

Hello, I saw that you have a 50-pages sight word freebie which I think is a fabulous idea.

However, I am unable to find it anywhere on your blogspot.

Could you please give me the link to it..THANK YOU!!!

Jamie West said...

Yes, I saw your 50 page sight word freebie and cannot find it on your blogspot or tot store. Please advise. Thank,you for all of your great products!

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