Monday, March 7, 2011

Board Games for Preschoolers

Audrey LOVES to play board games.  We usually play a game after dinner dishes have been cleaned up.  The educational, social and emotional benefits for board games include:

  • hand eye coordination
  • social development
  • turn taking
  • sharing
  • patience
  • dealing with setbacks
  • increased attention span
  • fine motor skills
  • cognitive thinking skills
  • teaching of specific skills: counting, ordering, sorting, early reading
  • family time!!

There are so many great games available, but here is a list of some of our favorites.  Be sure to leave a comment and tell us your favorite:)

                                                                     What's Gnu 
This game works on spelling three letter words and is GREAT for early readers who are starting to sound out words and those who need extra practice.  As a teacher, I would have loved to have this in the classroom!  Audrey really enjoys playing this game.

Just like Bingo but with matching picture word tiles.  Sophia (18 months) likes to get in on the action too. She sees a picture she recognizes, like ball, grabs it and yells out the word.  Too cute!  The game goes by quickly so everyone can participate.
ThinkFun Zingo

A classic game that teaches counting to 10.  
I remember playing this game as a child.  Now Audrey loves playing it too.  In fact, this it is her favorite right now.  I think she is so attracted to this game because I haven't given her candy yet:)

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