Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Progressive Science Experiment

It all started of with a $0.25 turkey baster from a garage sale.  I happened to find one while driving my 16 month old around the block for nap time.  Yes, I know, I am one of those moms who drives their kids around until they fall asleep.  At least we hit a lot of garage sales:)
So far, so good!  We are learning about measurement while transferring liquids. 
 Well...she is learning about measurement.  I am trying to sweep the kitchen floor:)
 And then it turned into...let's see if my play kitchen toys will sink or float.
 Getting a little messy but lots of learning going on!
 Promptly after seeing the water everywhere I asked Audrey to take it outside...while I finished sweeping the kitchen.  
 Ultimately she decided to "paint" the outside furniture.  That smile on her face told me she really thought she was painting my patio set a different color.  I just hope she doesn't take out the REAL paints!

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