Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Level 1 Reading

 I recently bought some Dick and Jane books, level 1, for Audrey to read.  Since she knows several sight words and has a good understanding of her letter sounds, she proved to be very successful.

Each book is broken down into chapters and has about 32 pages.  However, in some cases you only need to know a couple of sight words.
If your child is ready:
1. Print the pre-primer sight words here.
2. Practice the sight words needed from each book with your child.
3. Listen to them read!! Let them track their progress on the checklist.
Dick and Jane, We Play

Sight words needed: play, see, funny, can, look, and, help, come, go, jump, said, you, I, the, red, run, it, up, not, where, is, my, find

Dick and Jane, Something Funny

Sight Words needed: look, see, little, funny, help, come, and, I, little, can, make, yellow, red, blue, my, up, go, down

Dick and Jane, Go Away Spot

Sight words needed:I, see, look, and, here, come, jump, little, help, go, play, down, go, I, can, said, play, away, we, you, not, find

Dick and Jane, We Look
Sight words needed: look, see, funny, come, is, big, little, come, down, my, jump, run, blue, can, make, yellow

Dick and Jane, Who Can Help?
Sight words needed: I, said, you, see, find, not, can, help, me, and, look, we, funny, I, come, who, go, away, my, run, in, what, big, is, little, get, it, for, come, make, yellow, blue, red, is, pretty

Dick and Jane, Fun with Dick and Jane
Sight words needed:  said, look, up, run, see, funny, and, is, for, it, you, not, little, big, yes, can, fun, pretty, you, me, red, blue, yellow, we, help, in, the, find, my, one, two, three, up, he, come, down, go, away

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