Monday, February 14, 2011

Basic Shapes Refrigerator Magnets

I wanted to introduce Sophia to some basic shapes and reinforce preschool skills for Audrey, especially since she still confuses the triangle and square.  As a elementary school teacher, I remember students being much more engaged in a lesson when they could claim some sort of ownership to a project.  In this case, I made the shapes without color and allowed Audrey to color them herself.  Plus, it saved me a lot of money on expensive color ink:)  Another plus is that both my 3 year old and 17 month old can benefit and learn from one set of printables!

*print the shapes
*laminate, cut out and attach magnets
The best price for laminating pouches I found was on amazon.

Total price: about $0.75  can't beat that!

Lessons learned:
*initial sounds
*matching words to pictures

 Just a note:  my 3 year old will only wear underwear, a princess outfit or a ballerina outfit.  This happens to be her latest Valentine gift from Daddy: a Cinderella Wedding Dress:)
 Here we worked on initial consonant sounds and also learned that the c can make an /s/ sound as in circle.
 Sophia mostly liked taking them on and off.  She did like naming/pointing to the colors.  We would say, "Sophia, where is the RED rectangle?"

We also made a set of farm animals and fruit printables here.


Stephanie said...

cute idea to work on shapes!

Lindsay said...

What a great way to get them both involved! I know Sammy loves when he gets to do a port of the project himself!

Nicolette @ Momnivore's Dilemma said...

Are you familiar with the work of Pat Cunningham from 4 blocks? She suggests tracing around the shape of the word so kids differentiate between tall, small, and fall letters...{I have a word wall post coming up this week that will demonstrate better}

Love this idea!

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