Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sight Word Practice

Since I started incorporating sight words as part of our preschool "curriculum", Audrey has experienced great self confidence in her reading abilities.  I referred to the Dolch Sight Word List, which is available here.  I purchased a set of level 1 sight words from Lakeshore and an inexpensive pocket chart from the dollar section at target.  I put about 16 words in the pocket chart at a time and we practice, practice, practice.  Here are some ways we practice:
  1. I bought a set of bathtub crayons for Audrey to practice writing the words while bathing. 
  2. Paint by number sight word practice.
  3. Use colored salt -just pour a cup of salt into a plastic baggie with a few drops of food coloring and mix well.  Pour the colored salt into a container and allow your child to write the sight words with his/her finger.
  4. Write sight words in shaving cream
  5. Practice at in the sight word section
  6. Spell out words with letter magnets.
  7. Print these sight word worksheet, put them in sleeve protectors and file them in a binder.  Pull out the sight word you want your child to practice and use a dry erase marker.  Be sure to erase when you're done or the marker will be difficult to get off.  Reuse again and again!  
  8. Make your own memory game with different sight words.
  9. Roll out playdough to form the letters for each word. 
  10. Print some sight word books for this site.
  11. Play my pile, your pile.  (Audrey LOVES this one!) Use a stack of sight words, turn over one card, if he/she get the word correct (quickly) then he/she keeps the card.  If not, the sight word goes in Mommy's pile.  At the end, we count to see who has the most.  

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