Monday, January 24, 2011

Paint by Number Sight Words!!

NEW!  Corlor by number sight word printables link!
I am super excited about this idea because I know that Audrey LOVES to color by numbers.  So I thought...why not paint sight words by number?  This one was a grand slam in her book!  I plan to use the file folder to incorporate more sight word practice ideas.  She painted the word they since it is her sight word for the week.  I used a file folder because it is sturdy and can handle the tempra paint.  You could easily just color by number if you didn't want to use paint.  Also, if your child is still in the process of learning how to read their colors, you could write the numbers and words in their color.
Example: 1= orange, 2=blue, 3=red and 4=green.

Oh my!!! What happened to that 'e'?  Don't worry, I fixed it:)

Since the sight word paint by number was SO successful, she begged me to do another.  I didn't want to confuse or overwhelm her with words so I drew (to the best of my ability) a butterfly.  She was extremely proud of her accomplishments!!  
Check back soon for more sight word practice ideas.

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Carisa said...

This is a GENIUS idea! I love it! I have a question to ask you, can you email me, I couldn't find your email...

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